Thursday, January 21, 2016

No Goals Please

It is one of those days when I do not know what to write about. Should I talk about the sudden spell of real Indian winters or about the upcoming fashion trends. You know what, there is something I have been itching to talk about for a long time. It certainly is more important than fashion trends of 2016 for me, at least for today.

I am talking about goals: not our usual, run-of-the-mill goals of losing weight or starting our own business or travelling more often, or owning a pet, but something else. It is the goals that magazines and sub-standard but very successful (I wonder if there is a co-relation between the two, but we will talk about that some other day) platforms on internet throw at us. "Ben Afleck and Jennifer Garner give us marriage goals." The next day I hear Ricky Gervais saying that Matt Damon is the only person Ben has been faithful to! Okay, it was not the next day, but you get the point I am trying to make here I hope.

I am not a severe cynic. I totally understand when they say that Charlize Theron gives us hair goals or my sisters give everyone craziness goals. But relationship goals? Friendship goals? I mean c'mmon, shut the front door!   

Only two people know if their relationship or marriage or friendship is great or not. Maybe a few close friends have an idea as well. But that's it. Also an internet platform has no right to assume we are losers with no friends or lovers. For all they know, we are happier with our lovers and our friendships are stronger than they can ever imagine.

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  1. So true!! Till now people used to swear by Farhan & Adhun Akhtar's strong marriage and now they are getting separated! Goals, my foot!

    By the way, I think I forgot which city are you based out of....refresh my memory pls!

  2. Nice pants!


  3. Hollywood gives me headache sometimes, but ur right that we have to focus on our life!

  4. You look amazing,those pants are lovely

  5. I seriously couldn't agree more! I think that most of the times your happiness should be kept to yourself, because God knows how many crazy people are there out in the world and they see for example you "relationship goals" picture feel jealous think or even voice negative thoughts and just send you negative energy. We shouldn't go around shoving our relationship etc. in everyone's faces, but rather keep those special, precious moments to ourselves!
    Anyways, I really like the outfit you are wearing as I can spot some beautiful bold colors! Those pants are just awesome & such a great statement piece! Good styling! :)

  6. I so agree wid u..i get pissed by these stupid relationship goals post these publications throw at us.
    I love ur outfit..simple n chic.


  7. i totally agree with you..i hate all these 'goals' articles. meanwhile, you look bomb

  8. Winter fashion, beautiful color combination. India now following the western color combination.

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  10. I don't know much about these goals and all. The outfit you are wearing is really amazing. I like Online Shopping and do generally purchase such type of apparel from American Swan.


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