Saturday, June 25, 2016

Not Influenced For Long

When Lady Diana died, the Time magazine came up with an edition dedicated to her. The entire magazine was filled with Lady Diana's pictures, every next picture being more beautiful than the previous one. 

I have a few regrets in life. One of them is that I lost that magazine. But the pictures are still fresh in my head. In one of them, Lady Diana wore a pair of white dungarees. I never expected to see a princess in overalls, but there she was, rocking those dungarees with a grace that is hard to describe.

Then I grew up to see Kajol in dungarees in "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai". At that time, the piece of clothing was synonymous to being a loser, at least in my head, because she never got the guy until she ditched those overalls. I know, it's sad, but we all know how movies influence kids in subtle ways. 

I was not influenced for long though. I have an unending, ever increasing, really mushy, at times creepy - because I associate it with my previous life - love affair with everything denim. I first paired it with a white tee and I looked like a kid, then I went for this red top and it looked a bit femine, and I am not much into the feminines. So I am not entirely happy with the outcome. But here it is.

So this is another summer staple I wanted to talk about. More in the next post. I know I have not been posting every Friday lately. But every alternate Friday is very much on. Anyway, you guys have a great weekend. Please follow me on GFC and Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Princess DIana could make even rags look like designer clothes. M sad u lost that magazine, wud have to loved to see it. n u look cute.


  2. I absolutely love this causal look!

  3. OMG you look lovely!

  4. Such a cute casual outfit! Overalls are perfect for summer, aren't they?

  5. I also remember these pictures of Lady Diana. She was so beautiful.
    Your denim overall looks pretty nice for you. The red shirt is a perfect choise.

    Thank you vor you nice words at my blog.

  6. So sad you lost that magazine. I love your outfit for summer. Kisses!

  7. I like! Thank you for sharing.

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  8. I love you dungaree! So cute!

  9. I loooved Kuch kuch hota hai! I'm glad you got over the idea that overalls are for losers. They look so chic on you :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  10. That's a nice jeans overall.
    I've been searching for one lately,
    but I haven't found yet what I'm looking for :)

    Celien | The Losing Struggle

  11. Great post! amazing outfit :)
    Have a good day!

  12. Cool outfit! :D

    Would you like to follow each other, dear? Let me know ;)
    Love, Marie Roget | Marie Roget Shop

  13. You look a cute kid In her teens . Never doubt the dungarees . <3


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