Friday, May 31, 2013

Love For Shoes

Hello everyone. Yes so I am back. Hope you guys are doing great. I am sure I have missed some awesome posts by many of you. But I know I am going to read them all. That is how we bloggers are wired I guess.

So, today, I would like to talk again about shoes (on special request!). So they say a girl can never have enough shoes. But why? Because that is the way it is. There must be some kind of cosmic forces working when a girl walks past a shoe store. She is going for an important meeting or a date with that cute guy and she cannot afford to be late. Or she is thinking about a big project. Or she is broke! Nothing can stop a girl from stopping…at the shoe store!

When I was in school, there was this girl who used to scream and shout at her home after every few months saying her school shoes were old now. When her father took her to buy new shoes, she would be all awestruck at the new fancy shoes there. ’I want this one too,’ she would say. ‘But you said you just wanted shoes for your school,’ her father said.

And then she would cry so loud that everyone at the store would look at her with sympathetic eyes. Our town was a small one and so everyone knew everyone. The girl’s dad who held a good position in the town would be less emotionally blackmailed and more embarrassed in front of the store staff. And he would give in. The girl would get at least 3 pairs of shiny, new shoes and walked out with a victorious smile.

But that was a little girl. What about us grown ups? We are worse actually. We would feast on shoes if we could. A few years back when I bought a new pair and wore them to office, a certain collegue would say,’Eki, abaar shoes kinechho (You got new shoes again!)?’ And I would smile and look at my shoes like it was some prized possession.

In the same evening another girl would walk into the office wearing something that just arrived in market. And I would look at my shoes and they would look old to me. In no time I would be all geared up to buy a new one. A pair that was the latest spring summer or the one that matched with one of my least worn dresses or a pair that was on sale and it appeared like a sin to not buy them, or all of the above :)