Sunday, June 23, 2019

Why Do We Chop Our Hair?

"Why do we chop our hair? The question may sound simple, with usual answers on the lines of 'I want to experiment' or 'My hair was sort of damaged after all that drastic coloring'. But at times, the reasons are a lot more. I have asked this question to a few women I have known and here were their answers.
"Someone said that if a girl chops her hair, she wants to change her life. I too wanted to change my life, so I took the plunge. Did it work? For the first 3-4 days, I felt new. I had this confidence that I could do anything. But that feeling wore off too soon. Sure I still looked different, but that feeling of excitement was gone. I don't regret having short hair, but next time I do it, I will do it for better reasons."


"It was an accident. The salon guy didn't understand what I wanted at first. I wanted Emma Stone's hair in La La Land. And what I finally got was, well, it was really short. I hated it at first. Then the compliments started pouring in. At dinner, my roommate told me I looked like a model off-duty who means business. The next morning, I put on some make-up and the way I felt before leaving home was pure bliss."


"It was all great in the beginning. But then, I started looking like a boy from certain angles. And that was a bummer. When I put on make-up, I looked like a thousand bucks, with every feature enhanced, my collar bones were a dream. I would do it again. But I would need to resolve to be a make-up kinda girl till I intend to keep the hairstyle." 

"I had been meaning to go for a pixie for a long time, but somehow it didn't happen. One day when I was talking to a male friend of mine, he asked me why I kept delaying it. The next day, I just went for it. I took the new hairstyle like a duck to the water. I loved everything about it, the way it looked, the way it felt, the fuss free hair-care routine, everything. Then with my wedding and all, I let my hair grow for a while. Now, I simply miss my short hair. It's just a matter of time before I will book another appointment at Bella Maddona again.   

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P.S. I was just bored with my old hair.