Saturday, September 22, 2018

You Are In Our Room

“Is there any room out there for a straight white guy like me?”

The actor is not the first one to feel threatened when others not of his kind take the centerstage even for a while. There is something about self-entitlement that fools the best of us into thinking it is normal. 

But that is not the worst. What is worst is a scenario where the sufferers, for a split second, think they had it coming. Years of conditioning, jokes that we were taught to laugh at, lies we were made to say to feel included and loved....they all give the odd ones amongst us reasons to blame ourselves  for our miseries. Some weird kind of closure. 

The color of our skin, the words in our prayers, the abilities of our limbs, the details in out anatomies, the human in our bed. They continue to define our lives, personal and professional.

While the bigger changes may take time to happen , it is the small ones that we should start rooting for at once. No laughing at LGBT jokes, no doppelganger bias while hiring, no sticking to the 15th century definition of normal. And last, but not the least, giving it back to the self entitled clan. 

 "Andy Samberg, you are in our room. Most of the times. Yes, it's not technically ours right now. But it could have been had you not straightwhitespread into everywhere, from restaurants to offices to Hollywood." 

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