Saturday, August 31, 2019

The Colours We Like

Why do we like certain colors?

I have seen people whose faces light up like a ferry boat when they see certain colors. And when I try to wonder about it, the whole thing feels like science. Almost. I know a lot has been written about the psychology behind preference for certain colors. But at times, I feel we gravitate towards some colours for reasons more than obvious. Here are some colors that never get old for me.

Now here is a colour most people will never get in their life time. If you ask me, there are days when I feel yellow is the color of my soul. Of course there are less appealing shades of yellow, but the color seems to be the happiest a colour can get. Have you ever seen a tree with yellow flowers and not felt a thing?

50 per cent of my clothes are white. When I think of white, I see Lady Diana, Cameron Diaz, Josephine Skriver's recent white jumpsuit (for me, it will never get old in this lifetime). 

This one is 2019's favorite color, and rightly so. The color is everything if you ask me. Imagine this: beige tank to, navy blue pants, brown shoes. You can thank me later.

This time, for a change, the photos have something to do with the text. I have included all these colors in this outfit.

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