Friday, October 26, 2012

Divine in Blue

Divya, New Delhi
In a recent post, I was talking about the colour blue. And how it reminded me of certain things.  Not much after my new found love for the colour, I found someone who looked divine in blue. Here is Divya, sporting blue in a really fashionable way. Check out her bag and of course her hair...Lovely hair.

From now on, I have resolved to travel a bit and click more people. I just wish I was less lazy and could click more pictures because I have seen people assuming that women do not dress up in India. Well, there might be a grain of truth in this, but it is not a correct information in its entirety. Well, what do you think? Do let me know in the comment section.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

In a Blue World

A fellow blogger once said that we should embrace our blues. I thought why not. It’s a bitter sweet life. And it is the bitter that makes sweet. Blue for me is a colour that reminds of this movie called Code 46. It was a futuristic kinda, concept based movie and yeah, blue does seem to be a futuristic colour. It also reminds me of the cover of the book The Great Gatsby.

Somehow I always missed this colour in my wardrobe. I guess it happens to many people. Even if it’s a colour you are fond of, one close look at your wardrobe tells you that you surprisingly have so less of it. So, what is the colour you think you should have more of, in your wardrobe, which colour have you subconsciously missed buying? 
Also, there is this wonderful Blue song you can listen to: Blue (Da Ba Dee) 
I have a blue house with a blue window
Blue is the color of all that I wear
Blue are the streets and all the trees are too
I have a girlfriend and she is so blue

And a big Thank You to Mansi for this dress:)
Bag: Done by None, Shoes: Done by None
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Buttoned Up

When was the last time you tried a shirt on your dress? This is officially autumn and and so it is the time to take out all those shrugs, throw ons and those shirts (that do not fit anymore!) and wear them in a nerd fashion way. 

Dress: Globus, Shirt: Thrifted, Bag: No idea :), All I know is that it is Juree's hard earned accessory, Shoes: Done by None
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