Thursday, October 24, 2013

And The Leaves Fell

As I see leaves falling from trees right now, my heart knows that this is the best time of the year and  suddenly it starts behaving different. It flutters, it whispers and then something happens and it even shouts like crazy.

Maybe I am exaggerating. But I am one of those people whose happiness, sadness, excitement, creativity, average reacting time, threshold to weirdness that surrounds me etc has a lot to do with weather.

Of course an Indian autumn is not that cold mostly, except for a few regions. So maybe I can afford to go gaga over it here. 

I have resolved not to waste a single weekend for a while. I am sure a lot of you are making the most of the season. So, what does autumn mean to you? Let me know in the comments section. And please like my Facebook page.

Have a great autumn!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blog Review: Faux Pas

Like any other blogger, I too read as many blogs as I can. It is like school homework, just a lot more interesting. This not only keeps us bloggers updated about the latest trends, but also helps us find new people who we can admire, follow and learn things from.

Today, I would like to talk about Faux Pas, a fashion and lifestyle blog that I recently explored, read all the posts right from the start of the blog and I have some real good things to say about.

The blog reads like a beautiful diary to me. Rati, the co-founder of the blog talks not just about fashion but also about books she reads and the places she travels to. I love the way she keeps her books. They look like little treats to me. The images from her trips are something that I would not like to miss either. Check this for example.

I like the fact that Rati experiments. In our part of the world, no one likes to take the path less walked. But she is one of the few who do. She has motivated me to experiment with my hair! Though I wish the titles of her blogposts could be a tad better, but I like her posts all the time. Do take a look at the blog and let Rati and I know your thoughts about it.   

Friday, October 11, 2013

Denim Love

 A good denim shirt is something one can never have enough of. At least that is how I feel. It has the charm of a school boy one once had a crush over. That half mature rugged exterior and his love for blue.

I wanted a denim shirt or a jacket for a really long time- as long as my sister took my denim jacket and never returned it. There is this thing with sisters. They never return :) 

It just came to my mind that I should ask for that jacket again. The distressed ones look even better! You guys have a great weekend. Do like my Facebook page.

Friday, October 4, 2013

And Wella

Taking pictures gives me a silent joy. At times it is an instant thing. At other times the joy arrives much later. And then there are times when I discover a small something about a certain picture after many days.

I attended a Wella Fashion Blogger's Meet last weekend. Posting some pictures I clicked there. You have a great weekend! Do like my Facebook page if you haven't.

From Top: Dr. Awungshi Philamazan from Dr. Poison Ivy's beauty BlogKanupriya from Anthiea and
Surbhi from The Fashion Flite. About the last picture, i will post her name after some research. Till then, I just love her hair.