Saturday, August 26, 2017

Nothing At All

Just realised that I haven't updated the blog in a while. Like a few times before, I have nothing to say. At all. Hope you are having a good weekend. Please follow me on GFC and Facebook and Instagram if you like reading the blog.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Black & White

I have a huge stack of white clothes. I live in a dusty city and have a flair for sweating at the most inappropriate occasions. I also happen to be a real clumsy person who falls so often, it can put a nine year old to shame. Yet, I buy whites like they will be gone next month from all the shop-shelves in the world.

They say a person who likes white, is humble and has a pure heart. Also, white can make anyone happy - not like yellow, but white has its moments - and gives out an impression that everything is fine. I have a friend who likes white hotel bedsheets. "They calm me and tell me that its a well deserved vacation, enjoy it," she says.

I have always wondered how it must be when a person who likes white, falls for someone who likes black. Do they compliment each other like the two colours? Or is the simplicity always at war with the mystery? Does white know when to make the black happy? Does the latter know when to come out of its shell and talk its heart out?

Are you a black or a white person? 

Please follow me on GFC and Facebook and Instagram if you like reading the blog.

P.S. Yes, my sister and I were trying to do the same pose :)