Friday, July 20, 2012

Creating Fashion

What is coffee without some cream? Or a cake without an icing? Well, most of us know the difference. When we dress up, we often do not pay enough attention to a few things, accessories for example. Aren't they the icing on the cake?

In my last post I talked about how accessories can transform a look. They can in fact do more. They can add some drama. They can subtract some ordinariness. They can complement. They can amaze. They can create fashion!
I am posting a few pictures of some really great stuff I found online recently. It is called tadpole store. Reminds me of a movie where the actor is told that he should date women his age and Oscar (the actor) respectfully disagrees!
Anyway, tadpole store offers things that put one thing above all: design. Hope you like these. Do check their website for more. And yes, I feel that the black and white clutch and the owl tote bag are a knockout! And I am so happy is kinda cute.
So do buy some accessories to complete your wardrobe guys. And do have some cake this weekend. Enjoy!


  1. It's such a happy post that kinds of set the mood for the weekend! Thanks Rupa.. and i too love the white and black clutch and you just inspired me to have some cake, this weekend!

  2. Me too liking that clutch....going to visit the website and ordering a bag for a days I really need inspiration for fashion

  3. Hey these blogs are so so refreshing and cool ".......... I loved the way u presented fashion........I must say that ur pen is creating wonders this time......loved the blog


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