Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Get Natalie's Casual Look

Natalie Portman is not just one of the finest actors alive, she is a living proof that one should never undermine what's inside someone who on the surface looks like just a girl next door. That doesn't mean she is not a diva. But her casual style is worth getting inspired.
If you are one of those who believe in keeping it minimal and classic, this look is just for you. Perfect when you are going for a casual dinner with close friends, grocery shopping, walking your dog, taking a stroll at a flea market or while going out to for that ice-cream after dinner.
Here is how you can get this look.
Shorts: Mango, Shirt: Freecultr, Sleeveless top: Zara, Shoes: Bata, Bag: Fastrack


  1. good suggestion... can you also provide some example in Indian Outfits??? ;)

  2. Oh I should learn something from get stylish look....

  3. Yes Namrata, very soon....

  4. Rupa, I like your style of writing...and the content as well...Thanks!


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