Friday, April 4, 2014

The College

Last June, Abhilasha wrote a post on how she would dress up if she had to go to college again. I was amused for a while. I thought, why would anyone look back and think like that? And then I thought, why not? She made me think, a lot :) You have to check her post, she looks amazing.

I started thinking about how I would dress up, in case I would need to go back to college (which I frequently dream about, along with being late for exams, lagging behind, missing buses, flying in the air, walking on different streets, new places... ) or if we all go back in time, but only I retain my wiser and fashionable better head.

I would have changed my hair maybe, maybe would have added a bit more colour to the t shirts. Maybe more denims than usual. Maybe something like what is there in this post.

All said and done, I so wish to go back to my loose pants and short tops and hippie like dressing sense that Benaras somehow injects in some people. For me that is timeless. Feels like home. I will post later about what I just said, sorry for drifting. Till then you guys have a great weekend. 

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  1. Your post made me think too as to what would I wear if I go back to college. I would wear lots of shorts, dresses, flowing clothes, palazzos. Definitely style my hair differently.
    I love your college look and specially the belt and the bag! :)

  2. So now u will dress up like this for college...hmmm... remember what u used to wear..... that jeans/lower and shawl in winters and loose t shirts.... and that plaited skirt of urs in Hostel.... who would have then imagined Rupa would come to college being so stylish....
    I would still prefer the way we went at MMV, carefree not even caring what we wore... sometimes in hostel slippers even..... just making sure that we all go in our group....

  3. Great style dear, loved your clicks.. xoxo

  4. I miss my college days so much! Ur outfit looks great!

  5. My college time is to long time ago and the fashion change it much.
    Your outfit looks so relaxed and really like been home with yourself. Interesting post. Wish you a nice weekend

  6. Such a great outfit;) you look great
    xx Sara

  7. gorgeous look!
    love your denim jacket

  8. Love ur college style my dear..and thank u so much for the mention..u made more than just my day..thrilled that my post took u back to college n home. Thank u..loads of luv

  9. I always love the denim on denim look because it never goes out of style. I went to a college school and that requires us to never wear sleeveless, shorts, short skirts, midi pants. So colored and printed pants are my loves <3

  10. You are so pretty!Love your style!Oh btw could you please do a a post on dressing hippie chic in India maybe?I don't know if you take requests,but it would really be great if you could do that,since you talked about how you did,in fact,dress that way in your college days.Thank you. xx

  11. Absolutely loved this post.
    n u look super cute.


  12. Cute pictures! love the pop of colour with the belt and you shoes :)

  13. Nice place!!!
    Moscow blogger by Marina Maximova

  14. I love how colorful n fun u look. U actually look like that u r off to college :)

  15. With this attire feel like driving thru memory lanes...have put on way too much weight since college....if I were to go bk to college. .it wud be flowy palazzos and tanks...lotsa bangles on one hand...uff where r those days

  16. Love this look! So cool :)
    Following you!
    Check out my new post if you've time!


  17. Fabulous look. The yellow pop of color looks lovely with your outfit. I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’ or GFC. Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

    s a r t o r i a l d i n e r

  18. Flawless look, love the colour touch of ur accesories, well done!
    Keep it up!
    Follow (if u like):

  19. Great post dear. Perfect for college. Love your wedges!!!
    Have a fabulous weekend.
    kisses darling

  20. I absolutely love your outfit. You look so pretty!
    xxx Tina

  21. You look great!

    Loving the different colors!


  22. I am still in University, but this post made think of what I would do diferently if I was still in high school- definitely change my hairstyle, wear more color and be more thoughtful when it comes to accessories! :)
    I really liked this post Rupa & you definitely look great in this outfit, I love the pop of color with that belt!

  23. You look great.beautiful
    Keep intouch

  24. A very cute look. Love those sandals!

  25. Your blog is perfect and you as well. I'm so in love with your hair, i could never rock a fringe the way you do hehe
    mind checking out my blog and if you would like to support each other just tell me on my blog, morning routine up on my blog

  26. Hi,even I think about the same thing sometyms abt college
    And loved ur denim love :)

  27. I love this! Cute, casual outfit for sure :)

  28. that is great thing to throwback
    hmmm there is restriction of attire in public uni
    we can't wear sexy like short pant and too casual like slipper
    so last time we don't have much choices on the outfit
    and we don't wear to catch attention
    as I myself do not wish to be called by lecturer for answer question when my day dream mode is on hahaha
    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
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  29. Going back to collage outfits, that sounds like a great post idea..
    If I had to go back to collage then I need to add more color to
    My cloths , tie my hair more as delhi head is killing
    U look great .. :) I like your strip tee
    Keep in touch

  30. looking cute :)

  31. Beautiful outfit. It's good to remember the past. Kisses!

  32. You have a refreshing sense of style. I like your shoes!
    Added you via GFC, Add me back to stay connected :)


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