Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Broke Days

So what do you do when you go to a shopping mall with your friends and you realize you are too broke to buy anything? 

You look at people instead of clothes, trying to believe they can give you more amusement than the latter. 

You deliberately walk through the stores you never buy anything from anyway. You keep suggesting your friends that you are hungry. You make a call or keep texting someone, flirting to an extent that your mind doesn't drift anywhere else.

You go to a bad store, a really bad one, talk about the kind of clothes designers make, their lack of imagination and how everything is such a waste of money. You even talk about serious issues of shopaholics.

Do you feel a thrill when you swipe your card at the register? Come home from the store with things you didn’t plan on buying? Buy things you never use? Run your credits cards up to the limit? If your answers to these questions are yes, you may be a shopaholic...straight out of the movie.

So far so good. Are your friends still buying stuff? You might like to have some water. Feel better? Get out of the mall. Take pictures of each other. Do something really crazy and see if people notice. If you are a selfie kind of person, go for it baby. The more, the better. 

How about going to a book store and reading a book, mind you, take just one book as the more books you flip through, the more are the chances of you spending money...on books if not clothes and shoes! Last, but not the least, you think about your favorite TV show that you might miss if you stay at the mall for long. A certain Mr. Caffery or McSteamy deserve all attention.

This could go on. So what do you do when you have less money in your wallet and more shopping pangs in your heart? 

T-shirt: Forca Jeans, Shorts: Only, Belt: Forever 21, sandals: Lifestyle, accessories: Benaras, Sunglasses: Juree got them from Goa


  1. This has happened few times. My frens wud be buying and choosing n all and I'd be thinking of budget for the month, though helping them out. It would get embarrasin when they select something for me...and I'm like...ahhoo...making excuses. I'm certainly not shopaholic but it breaks my heart when I really like something but I can't get it for many reasons like... you already spent on other stuff, you are not sure where u'r gonna wear that, you simply can't afford it blah blah.... :D
    Last 3-4 years..I prefer shopping alone, taking my time and not getting nagged by anyone to hurry, taking time for trial rooms and money issues. With friends it's best to spend time on food and movies and clicking each others crazy pics of course :)

    Great post! I love your look. Wish I could carry that off...but I have very thin legs :( I have similar sandals :)

    Phew... I wrote so much :D

    Tanuja :)

  2. You luking awesome,when I dont have money then I too go to book store and can spend lots of time checking out the books.I dont feel bad if I dont spend money on clothes but I do check latest collection at store so that I might buy them later when I get money

  3. great outfit dear! <3
    Have you seen my latest post ?

  4. Love the color of your shorts. I am itching to own a purple piece in my wardrobe...there I go! :P
    Well I try not to venture inside the showrooms at all when I am broke. It's not so easy though to lay off temptations, what with online stores accessible 24 x 7. Heartbreaking but its like detoxing :)

  5. OMg...this happens to me all the time.
    I keep reminding myself, m not buying any more stuff, until i get a bigger wardrobe. But i go to the malls, try every single outfit on the rack, n just return empty handed. ;) This has worked for the past 2 years. it makes me feel good, inspite of not buyin anything.
    i love the last pic...too cute.


  6. You look pretty
    That always happen to me but i often go shopping with my twin so if i dont have money i convince her to buy and secretly know i will get to wear it too.
    Keep intouch

  7. Yes it´s really hard to go in a shopping mall with an empty wallet. I buy not so much thinks. i prefer to safe a few weeks many and than buy classic clothes. i can wear classic basic clothes for long time.
    Your last pictures is so pretty, you are so pretty.

  8. Generally I can't resist the urge of picking up whatever I'm lusting after and roam through the rest of the store with it....but just as the cash counter comes in sight, I convince myself that money saved is money earned and compulsively leave the product on the nearest rack and walk out of the store - trust me, this makes me feel quite virtuous at times!! ^_^
    P.S.: You actually sat down on the road? :P

  9. If I don't have money, I stay in my house. Beautiful outfit. Kisses!

  10. Last pic yaay..yes it happens to me all the time...sometimes I am able to hold the temptation sometimes I just clutch my heart close n go to the baby section for stuff for my daughtr

  11. I love your thought dear, and i love your casual simple outfit with those sandals <3

  12. wow I really like your blog! following you now, hope you'll do the same ♥

  13. Rupa you look great, love the outfit, the shorts are amazing. Gorgeous color. Well what would I do? Avoiding the mall like the plaque, hoping for better times and telling me I don't need anything at all. Although I am kinda shopaholic I never spent more than I can afford. That's a rule for me.
    Happy Weekend darling

  14. As I am working at H&M it is really hard not to buy items when I see something really great in the unpacking process! But on the upside, I am not going to other retail stores as I am way too tired to go and look to other clothes!
    I loved your tips, going to the bookstore is definitely a great idea!

  15. Adorable pics!
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  16. pretty sure this has happen to all of us at one point haha x

  17. nice look :)
    maybe we can follow each other? let me know!

  18. Haha .. love all the ideas you have suggested. I actually avoid going to the mall in this situation ;-) Only way I can resist temptation!
    Love the purple shorts :)

  19. Cute shorts!


  20. Awww, so charming *_*

    Love it <333



  21. hello beautiful, beautiful post, I really like. ideal.

  22. Great outfit!

  23. this is such a wonderful outfit for summers...and had a nice time reading your mail commentary....yeah this is how it happens in malls :)

  24. Lovely casual look <3

  25. Absoultely love your look rupa, you look adorable!

  26. I look for discount :D

    lovely look :)))

  27. cute post, window shopping takes way too much self control. love the shorts

  28. The purple shorts are super cute!


  29. Lovely OOTD! Don't worry everything will be okay :)
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    Love, Chantily Voeux


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