Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quick Fashion

Most of us have a few things in our wardrobe that we pick up with a lightening speed when we are rushing to somewhere. These are the days when our sartorial choices are dictated by lack of time and a spontaneity that is difficult to describe.

So what flashes in our head when we have a minute to get ready? I have noticed that most people go for that one thing that they feel most comfortable in. The one they know can be worn with any pair of shoes or sandals lying around. This one thing is mostly an old, tried and tested, repeatedly worn stuff.

One of my friends used to grab a favorite scarf of hers in such circumstances. And it always worked for her: a slouchy top, bright scarf, an old pair of chinos, tied up hair and that scarf. She did make it a point to wear some kajal and eye liner on her way (yeah she could do it anywhere!) Loved the way she looked.

I, on the other hand, mostly go crazy and bland. I am very slow as a person and I just cannot put an outfit together in a minute. I wish I could. This was my fastest best. Love the denims!

So what do you wear when you have just a minute to get ready?

Outfit details: Denims: Forever 21, blouse: thrifted, shoes: Carlton London, Bag: Primark


  1. What do I wear when I just have a minute to get ready? Anything which I see first in my wardrobe :D
    Btw I love your jeans :)
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  2. Trendy! Would love it if you could check out and also comment on my latest post xo

    Aliona |

  3. lovely outfit :)

  4. I like your shoes! :D

    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my earlier post :)

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  5. Great look!

  6. Honey you look beautiful. You are so pretty. Sorry for being so late lately but restoring the blog is time consuming and well it's still a nightmare. Rupa love the look, everything. You smile is incedible pretty.

  7. hmm, yes I do have a couple of comfortable tops when I have to get out fast or on a really short notice. But then it also depends where I am heading to. I have a few dresses to chose from which I would put on without a second thought if I was going for a dinner or dancing too and knew I would be comfortable and happy in them.
    Love your top and those denims. Very cool.

  8. You look great and comfy :) Love your top.

    Jeans and tee! Thats what it's for me :D

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  9. Great look dear
    Love that top
    Keep intouch

  10. I think your look came out great! I have a dress I always grab that's just easy and lightweight and I can dress it up or down depending what shoes I throw on with it!
    Really cute style!
    Stop by my page any time and say hello! xo


  11. I usually wear my black trousers n a polka dot top( i have plenty of them) n finish them with pearls. Old world classy has always been my style, but i tend to overdo it when i lack time.
    BTW i love ur ripped denims..n m slowly warming up to them..who knows i might get the next decade..! ;)


  12. very very nice my dear!!I love it!

  13. Love ur peep toes...n ur smile...wear it wherever u go..for me its pallazos and kurti


  15. I totally love your blog , specially the reason why your blog's name is jenny's bicycle .
    You seem like a total humble and sweet blogger .
    Love your work


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