Monday, October 6, 2014

Bright Colours and Daniel Wellington Giveaway Winner!

'Are you afraid to wear bright colours,' she asked softly.

'No, I think they are okay. I like bright flowers, don't I, though there are times when they are a bit too much. I mean why should I wear a bright yellow or orange when I head to the local market just to buy some groceries? It is not like I was born in Spain. They are good though. Some ladies look like fresh daisies in bright colours. You gotta stop and notice someone in orange, don't you? But at times I hate distractions. Dull is better. But I like bright colours. I will wear that black sweater today as it is a formal do though,' I said.

'You have traits of a crazy person. Wear this orange now,' my cousin said.

I have always talked like a certain Saif Ali Khan in life. He talks in a way that leaves you wondering if he needs a glass of water. I need someone like my cousin once in a while to just shut up and decide.

So, why don't we usually wear bright colours? 

Maybe because we are not that expressive, maybe because we forcibly intellectualize events in life. We do wear bright colours at times.Black looks elegant. I think we are just chickenshit. I am mostly speaking for myself and those people I see in the street.

I would stop rambling and announce the winner of the Daniel Wellington Giveaway now:

                                             Shailja M!

Congratulations! Please mail me your details at


  1. This is one of your best outfits ever! Love the floral shirt with the neutral shorts. You look lovely! And I love bright colours .. I wear them most of the time :D
    Congrats to the winner!

  2. Love the floral shirt n I love wearing bright colors..

  3. i love what u r wearing..but somehow i cant embrace bright colours..whenevr i pick up stuff for myself my husband n MIL r disappointed as i only choose blacks n pastels. They say i dress like an old lady. LOL.


  4. There's no need to be afraid of bright colors because you look so beautiful wearing thse. Rupa another one of my all-time-favorites. The hat is so cool and you look so cute wearing it. And congrats to the winner.
    kisses darling

  5. You look great rupa. Nice shirt and sandals :)

    Where have you been ! no replies on blogs :D

  6. Cute!!!


  7. Bright colors are great for you. I like bright colors in combination with soft colore, lie your shirts. Very pretty my dear.
    I like to say thank you for always so nice comments at my blog, drear Rupa.

  8. Lovely floral shirt Rupa !!!!!!!


  9. ahh i love their watches! :)

  10. I absolutely love DW watches!! you look great :)

  11. I admit I am definitely team black, wearing bright colors kinda does scare me! Specially wearing too many at one time. I love how you wore the bright floral shirt with neutrals :)


  12. Love the outfit, it's super cute but daring at the same time..

    Great read
    Beauty Candy Loves

  13. This post is so ur look

  14. Lovely outfit. I love floral. Kisses!

  15. Aww, I really hoped I would win in this giveaway! But, anyways, my biggest congratulations to the winner! :)
    I love wearing brigth colors, but sometimes I wthink i wear them too much as it is a bit hard to stay one theme of style with different prints, colors etc. It is much more simple to look elegant and collected by wearing neutral color clothes!
    Anywho, I really loved seeing you in this beautiful bright blouse! :) Super cute outfit!

  16. You look that watch its beautiful

  17. the floral shirt is lovely on you

  18. That's so can still wear shorts :) Love the styling !

  19. personally, I love the bright floral shirt. =) looks lovely on you!


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