Thursday, November 20, 2014

From My Last Trip Home- Red Lips

“Lipstick was an easy answer to boredom. It was the most exciting thing you could do in the shortest amount of time because for a second, you got to convince yourself that you were the kind of gal who wears lipstick every day. You got to pout to yourself, and trick yourself that you were glamorous. Then in a second it was over, time to wipe it off and start again.”
― Ainslie Hogarth, The Lonely 

That was a bit depressing. Right? But I liked it. Anyway, the pictures on today's blogpost have nothing to do with the quote for my sister is not going to abandon her red lipstick anytime soon.

She is the new one in our family who has fallen in love with red lipstick. And she wears it like she owns it. All happy and ready to go somewhere. Here goes the second post of the series. You guys have a great weekend. Take care.


  1. She is very beautiful, I think the red lips looks very sexy!

  2. I love red lispstick too! even if i'm not wearing anything else in my face, i feel like red lips are all i need sometimes


  3. Your sister is very beautiful- her hair is gorgeous! :)
    I have been wearing red lipstick more and more lately! As right now it is fall in Latvia, I tend to wear more dark red lipsticks than the bright ones and I am loving it! Red lipstick gives you such a great amount of confidence!

  4. So adorable, my dear ^_^



  5. Rupa, your sister is very pretty and she carries the Red lipstick with elan... Time to take some tips from her, eh?

  6. I hope the day will come when I will also bear red lipstick...Astha is looking glam

  7. M a huge fan of red lips too. ur sister is pretty.
    Love the quote.


  8. Amazing outfits and lovely photographs!!

  9. lovely pics. I just moved back to Paris where everyone wears red lipstick and I have to say I haven't gotten used to it and don't feel comfortable wearing it myself yet. it takes guts :)

  10. the first one is my fav!
    looks comfy and the print is great!

    The girl with the dreamcatcer tattoo

  11. I'm a big fan of red lipstick. Red lips brighten up the face in a minute.
    Your sister is pretty like you.

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