Friday, January 23, 2015

We Do Change

I have read many philosophers saying that it is only the calender that changes and not us. That no matter how new we feel, we still own the same old, stubborn, usual, non flexible soul.

While it may be true to a certain extent, but new things happen to us every new year. An acquaintance of mine used to write diaries and once made the effort to compare his notes written on various new years. He was in for a surprise. While his resolutions faltered sooner or later, he did did new things. He learnt from some of them and he also repeated his mistakes. We all do.

We all have two sides of ourselves: one that changes and one that does not. At the end of the year, we all live on hope. So let us hope that we will change for good. Let us hope we will do many new things this year. Let us make a list.

I know I have wished you guys in my last post, but still..

Happy new year.


  1. Gorgeous and beautiful. I love all your beautiful blogs

  2. Happy New Year to you too dear!!
    I wish our kind of climate allowed us to wear more hats......but no such least in my city! :(

    P.S.: Loving your shoes too!!

  3. I agree - we do change - maybe just a little, but we do :)
    The hat looks fab on you!

  4. First of all, you look really chic! I love your trousers and your big fedora hat!
    And yes, offcourse it's true we all change. Is it even possible to remain the same always? As you rightly put it, we all have two sides to ourselves...the core, the essential us never changes. For example if I was a highly emotional person I will always remain one but maybe l learn to manage that aspect of myself in a different way. May be instead of getting upset over something that hurt and sulking silently-that I used to do, I decide to pen my thoughts down and instead of keeping it bottled up which is poisonous, find an outlet for it and nurture my soul. The change comes with age, maturity, experience . If you are changing physically, you will definitely change personality wise too.

  5. Another beautifully penned post...n I love ur hat.


  6. Amazing outfit, I really like the hat. You are right, let's hope this year will be better and let's wish for the best to come ;)

    I'm your follower, if you want to follow back :D

  7. Beautiful words! Yes, I totally agree with you, we do change every day...we can only hope to change for the better!



  8. I agree with you dear we do change

  9. Oooh love this hat!! super.
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  10. :-) Glad you're blogging again!


  11. Dear Rupa, so true these words. And so nice your outfit. Wish you a happy new year. no matter if something changes or not. :)

  12. Happy new year! Love that hat, wish I suited them!
    Want to follow each other via GFC? Let me know :)

    Abbey xo |

  13. Very hot! Love your shoes! :*

  14. Such an amazing and well put together look. I love those shoes with the detailing.

  15. okk.. I am glad you are back to blogging ... wish you a happy new year too...



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