Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tote Bags and Us

I like tote bags. They make me feel I have so much to do. And they don't let me struggle with my stuff. I like women in maxi dresses and tote bags, going about their business, walking from one shop to another for hours.

Why are tote bags a must have?

They may look like a huge square shaped things made of cloth, but there is more to them. You can carry your laptop (in my case, the beloved camera), an e-book reader or a pair of flats in case you might have to walk later (Yeah walking in heels is not awesome, but that is a different story). 

And you can customize a tote bag without breaking your bank. You can have the photo of your loved one on it or you can write something as well. There are many websites offering those kind of things. 

And I think it is so cool when men carry tote bags. I am kind of sick of seeing men with backpacks all the time. The Guardian's Kyle Chayka once explained why every real man carries a tote and why it is unfair to call it a murse.

"Tote bags were originally as manly as could be. LL Bean designed the modern tote’s first ancestor in 1944 with the Bean’s Ice Carrier, a hefty bag made of reinforced cotton for carrying giant blocks of ice from car to ice chest”. How much more rugged can you get," he says.

I agree.


  1. Love the colors in the whole look!! And I love tote bags too! <3

  2. Rupa! you talking of Tote bags and didn't check my post :(

    I have recently been making hand-painted tote bags and selling them! It easily carries a4 size and other stuff! Do check it out :)

    And you my lady, look so elegant :) Loved your patchwork tote !


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  4. You look gorgeous Rupa! And I love the combination that you are wearing!!

  5. Lovely look and such a beautiful tote. Somehow I lost your blog link. Glad to find you again! :)

  6. Great skirt color :D

  7. this maxi skirt looks so good on you! i love it.
    and yes, totally agree on tote bags altho i have to say I don't usually wear my tote bags because i tend to put my whole wardrobe in it. haha

    xo, Carla

  8. Love the way you are wearing this outfit <33 yo look really pretty

  9. beautiful pictures!!! I love your bag.
    kisses from Spain

  10. Amazing look and bag!


  11. I am loving your skirt!


  12. I love totes too. but here i really love ur skirt..n u look so pretty.



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