Friday, January 1, 2016

Its A New Year!

Another year went by.

And at the end of every year, we learn a few things, knowingly or unknowingly. At times it may seem that we have learnt nothing as life may not have taken any major twists and turns in a particular year. But even then, there is usually something or the other that we take a note of.

This year taught me that working out can be made into a habit! I am not saying it is easy. But once you start doing it and do not really let anything stop you, it does become a habit after a considerable amount of time. And then comes a point when your body does not feel that good when you skip your gym/run/swim/whatever.

This year taught me that reading is very important. Reading opens a range of possibilities. I do not know why had I stopped reading. But I realise that stories keep me going. The world of books is a happy world.

This year taught me to take fashion tips from girls around me. And about today's outfit, I have taken the scarf bit from my friends Achala and Mehak. No one does scarves and mufflers like these two ladies. And a small scarf makes a big difference. What do you think?

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Outfit Details: Trench: Debenhams, Sweater: American Swan, Pants: Only, Boots: Carlton London, Scarf: Flea Market


  1. Lovely look. :) Happy New Year.

  2. Such a beautiful pictures, my dear *_*



  3. wonderful blog!! I follow you on GFC, I wait you on my blog

    keep in touch!!


  4. I agree scarves makes a huge difference to an outfit...n u carry it off really well.
    Happy New Year.


  5. Love your parka! So stylish!

  6. what a lovely post my dear
    and thanks so much for the comment
    lovely post :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  7. i love the colours you've put together with this outfit

  8. Excellent post. Thanks for share.

  9. OMG!! I love your dressing styles and somewhere you are an inspiration dear !

    N yes....i agree i love scarfs 😍
    But thanks for mentioning....!!
    Love you loads....😘😘

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