Sunday, November 5, 2017

Letter to Your 25 Year Self

Now this post is almost embarrassing because all my life I have lived with a pressure of doing everything right, the kind of pressure that is lovingly bestowed upon most eldest kids in this world. Anyway, letters to 20 or 25 or 28 year selves are one of those rare digital things that are trending and important at the same time. So, here I come, with a list of my own.

You shouldn't have burned yourself out. I am not saying it was all work and no play. But you could have found little ways to take it easy every one in a while and do something just for fun.

You shouldn't have tried to make everyone happy. It's exhausting and a recipe for disaster. While being accepted certainly feels good, but you should have done what felt right. If you managed to piss off some of the people you care, you should have remembered that they would come around eventually.

You should have eaten more Chinese food. They made you happy. Your obsession with waistline management is fine but you certainly missed out on enjoying a number of meals. So eat when you can. Your cheat meals should be planned weekly now.

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  2. I always feel a satisfaction in my heart after reading your tips. These are valuable indeed in every twist and turns in life. By the way, No matter how old are you look so pretty in Indian style dresses

  3. Hi dear Rupa! How have you been? :)
    Your article reminded me that I should also write a letter to myself since it is a great way to look back and to understand things that I've missed out on & what I should work on in the future.

    Lovely outfit by the way :)

  4. Oh thats such a real letter!
    Love ur posts
    U look amazing


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