Friday, February 16, 2018

Feud In The City

In the light of the latest Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall feud, it is tempting to say that friends on screen may not necessarily means friends off-screen.

But then I couldn't help but wonder if a squabble like this is anything but unreal. Aren't we all wired to - some more than others - fight, get jealous, be insecure, start a cold-war, get offended, and maybe then just kiss and makeup?

After a significant period of time, we all know our friends. Carrie is touchy, Miranda is reliable, Charlotte is old-school and Samantha, of-course, will always be trouble. But people change. Who knows Miranda may be the new trouble. While the whole Instagram altercation is high TRP material no doubt, the old SITC fans are secretly wishing the two ladies to just talk it out. Maybe the past is like an anchor holding them back. They just need to let go.

And yes, it is sexist to think women can't be friends. Men fight all the time. And it isn't something that won't happen to the new ones. Wait till our kids/nieces/nephews get to know about a fight between Hannah and Marnie. 

TIll then, let's stay updated on the exchanges between these two fashionable ladies...

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  1. well, I think that just makes them better actresses, as I would have never imagined they didn't get on!
    have a great week,

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