Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Staples

My summer outfits are always breezier than yours. No, I am not being a snob. Summer heat brings out the worst in me (besides lazy ass people, bad coffee, writer's block, weirdos on social media, hormonal imbalance.....). So while everyone else can still wear jeans and canvas shoes and even layer, I look like a mess in the most flowy and light dresses.

I wish they made clothes that felt like coconut frappe and watermelon coolers. Clothes that are thin and opaque at the same time. Clothes that look structured, but one hint of wind and they would move like flags on a mountain or paper boats on a stream.

Developing such technology may take time. Till then, I am trying to stay sane with whatever I have. These dirt cheap navy pants are one of the best unfair weather friends ever.

What are your summer staples?

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  1. so relaxed! I missed water masses dearly, sea would be so welcome. Levi's top is iconic!

  2. Beautiful t-shirt.
    I love summer.

  3. Love your tees and your beach photos! So gorgeous!

  4. Amazing review! :)
    I follow you <3 it's your turn


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