Friday, August 31, 2018

Face It

The first time I saw a girl in headband was a few years ago. I was running my ass off on a beach and there she was, with a tanned face and a floral headband. It was an instant fashion inspiration moment for me. 

I told myself, " Face it. It does look a little over the top." But then I began saving headband style images on Instagram. From Gloria Swanson's huge, unapologetic headbands to Alexa Chung's understated, thin head accessories, I ended up making quite an inspiration book.

I forgot about them again. 

Then I saw Instagrammer Neha Paranjpe's feed. She was rocking them headbands. I realized that maybe the chickenshit inside me can try this trend afterall. Maybe it's not too much. "Actually they make anyone stand out. And not in a look-at-me kinda way, but an I-know-my-shit kinda way," I said to myself. 

Neha helped me find what I was looking for and now there seems to be no stopping me. So this outfit is dedicated to Neha Paranjpe and that girl on the beach, whoever you were. I can only wish to be half as stylish as both of you. 

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