Friday, August 24, 2012

Colour Me Pink

Abhilasha, Varanasi
Pink, the colour of love, is the colour that is the most associated with women. It is believed to be a woman’s colour. Why am I thinking of the pink drawings on the metro station saying ‘Only for Ladies’?

Anyway, here is some almost overdose of pink for you. Try it if you are the ‘I love pink’ kinda person. If you are not, you can try accessories of a different colour. And yes, do enjoy your weekend!

Model: Abhilasha, Dress: Rangmanch, Necklace: Forever New, Shoes: Paparika, Bracelet: Varanasi
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  1. The post is all bright and Pink, full of love and life! Love the outfit! All your outfits have the effect of bringing an instant broad smile on my face! Truly, what fashion stands for! :)

  2. As Aerosmith say:

    Pink , it's the color of passion,
    B'cause today, it just goes with fashion!

  3. this outfit looks so good,how a bright color could make all that difference in anything,even to the mood. That smile is worth thousand praises too ! Keep Smiling:) xoxo

  4. looking good :) :) both model and the dress!!!! inspiring for a pinky weekend!!!!

  5. Oh Today I found myself so eager to see your post.....I love pink always.....and I am selling in love with this dress......but I should admit today that jenny's bicycle is my GURU of fashion and I love you for it

  6. i love how abhilasha looks..i love the name and inspiration behind your blog's name..there's a qquaint charm to know pink wasn't a colour for girls originally?this gender stereotype occured somewhere around the turn of the 19th was for girls..

  7. I love your creative yet unique outfits full of personality!! Very impressed by your blog :) Could you please consider following each other? Twitter: @shineonbyandrea Instagram: shineonbyandrea Want me to be your stylist and do an AndreaSTyles post for you? Let me know at

  8. cute, love this color on you!

  9. ur friend is cute :) n that dress is pure love! i hav to visit rangmanch on my next visit to Mumbai, hope they r in big malls

  10. I remember times when all my clothes was black and pink was banned at all. But still, I don't really like light hue.

  11. Beautiful captures. The outfit is gorgeous, I love ethnic prints so much !
    I also love the styling here.

  12. nice clicks...

  13. cute outfit! You look so pretty and have a lovely smile :)

  14. I'm so glad to have stumbled by your blog, i definitely love all your pictures, very well taken.
    Following your blog now, looking forward to more.



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