Friday, August 3, 2012

Effortlessly Stylish

Aeda, South Korea
Some people have it in their system. They look effortlessly stylish, no matter what. I am sure many of you would have come across such people.
I met one such person recently and I am posting her picture. She is Aeda from South Korea. I saw the lovely lady at a mall recently and she happily posed for me. Everything, right from her dungaree, her bag, shoes to her neck piece, everything can be explained in one word: Fashion.

Did you  notice how the cross is of a perfect colour to contrast the denims? So inspirational. What do you think?And yes, do check out the sale at Tadpole Store! They have some cool stuff on discount.


  1. Literally, Effortlessly Stylish! I agree that some people have it in their DNA and whatever they wear, becomes a fashion statement! I personally love Dungarees and the casual yet stylish feel they have!

  2. omg! I love this look with all details and especially with the bag!

  3. love her look..i love it when people can create such inspiring/stylish outfits in such simple ways!i know i mess it up more than often!

  4. Ya truly said......its zimplu stylish...... I liked everything she is carrying, especially the bag


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