Friday, November 2, 2012

The Animal Instinct

And I went ahead
With the instinct of an animal
And with the doubt of a girl
With a hope to find you
In the woods of my thoughts...

Never in my life did I think I would wear an animal print. Somehow I could never understand them. Saw them everywhere - on the ramp, in the movies, on the streets. But it never caught my fancy. Until now. I am trying to experiment just a bit here. Made the top myself. Hope you like the post.

It was a good evening. We discovered a cool accessory shop. We also went to a small bakery shop called 'Fresh Cake' at the DT Mega mall basement. Juree had a great chicken puff(sharing the picture here) and got a cheesecake packed which was awesome.

Juree's dress: Will have to ask :)
My shorts: Marks & Spencer, Shoes: Done by None, Top: Self Made, Bracelet and Shrug: Flea Market
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  1. Rupa, I think you are out on a mission to bring down my defences against lot of Prints. you succedded in the case of polka dots and my defences against animal Print hv begun to melt alredy! Nice top, you made it too well! Love the way u hv put it all together! :)

  2. Great look with the animal print!! :)

    xo - Sheila

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  3. Its looks lovely :)


  4. Hi honey!!!
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  5. wow, u wont believe bt i had the same apprehensions about wearing animal print esp leopard print..but lately its been my fav print..if paired with black or brown it really looks chic!
    loved ur top hey next time do take some front facing shots so can c the top more clearly
    chicken puff is my fav! reminds me of monginis bakery puffs :)

  6. excellent!!!and love the shoes!!!:))

    ps. and thank you very much for your lovely comment!;))

  7. That food looks delicious!!.I love animal print!!...thanks for your comment!! Visit and check my new post :)

  8. I wasn't much of an animal print fan myself until very recently :)
    While it's true that I own just two clothing items with the print, it does feels nice to get out of the comfort zone from time to time, right?

    Your top is lovely, and I love the way you styled the outfit with all that black. It looks modern, but chic and it suits you.

    The food looks so delicious :)Amazing photos, Rupa :)

    Lots of hugs,

  9. I'm so happy, that you inspired! I love your blouse so much! Cheesecake? I must try!

  10. Oh my god ..... Awesome dress and awesome outfit ......

  11. You both look pretty and stylish <3


  12. your sense of style is so good, I am in love with you.

  13. wow i love that leopard print chic!!

  14. wow you have an amazing style <3 totally love it! would you like to follow each other?

  15. Wauw! The animalprint loooks great on you, I never tried something like that before. But you really make it workd :)

  16. lovely blog.

  17. amazing outfit!! <3
    xx Jules

  18. Impressive outfit, you look so cute. I love french cakes!

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    and maybe follow if U like.

  19. Your friend has beautiul smile;) & you're so pretty:) Love your blouse:))

  20. Great blog...lovely look... your animal print top is my favorite :)
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  21. love it ! <3
    hope you ll visit us

  22. you are looking great as always .. One question - I happen to see that you are wearing a lot of done by none shoes.. Are they comfortable and do they last long like 8-10 months ? This is because I am tempted to buy them but I read a blogger lamenting them to be uncomfortable and also since I walk a lot so I need them to be durable ...


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