Friday, May 30, 2014

Animal Suit

Okay, so not many people wish to dress up as Bet Lynch.She almost spoiled the fun of animal print by wearing it with bad make up and other things. And she did go overboard with the jewelry.

I have seen people either hating animal print or loving it. No one says "Okay I might try or I don't know, what do you think... is it some new trend"? 

They simply know.

About leopard prints,Roberto Cavalli said a few years back,"I started to understand that God is really the best designer so I started to copy God."

I think the animal print is about embracing something new, and understanding that a lot of things go well with the print. A pair of animal print ballerinas, for example, go well with different kind of things. To me, it is also about loving things that are animal like. Having an instinct.

An obvious song is in my head:

And the thing that gets to me
Is you will never really see
And the thing that freaks me out
Is I will always be in doubt
It is a lovely thing that we have
It is a lovely thing that we
It is a lovely thing, the animal
The animal instinct in me...

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  1. Oh wow...u have an entire suit in animal print....m so jealous.
    N thnx for sharing those words by Cavalli...m so inspired.


  2. Wow, this is a very special and great suit. Leo print is nit my style, but i love to see this print at other women. You look very fashionable.

  3. I love animal prints! And you've worn it wonderfully without overdoing it! :)

  4. Animal print looks great on you... :) For me, I am still in the doubtful stages...

  5. well i've always loved animal prints so thumbs up to this whole look. in fact i love this suit so much! you look so chic~

    xo, Carla

  6. I loved your animal print suit

  7. Rupa darling you look stunning! Love love love the look on you. You really rock the animal print! I love animal prints as much as you do. And I love Cavalli ;-) Rupa I think this is my all-time-favorite!
    Oh honey do you remember the cherry tree? Guess what, it is indeed a cherry tree, not the one with the fruit but nevertheless a cherrie tree. Its a Japanese cherrie I was told. Was imported way back.........
    kisses darling

  8. I love animal print. You're so beautiful. Kisses!

  9. This is superb! I like animal print. But never it could be rocked this way! Really fab :)

  10. Great the prints.
    So stunning
    Have a great weekend
    Keep intouch

  11. You teamed up the animal prints superbly! Loving ur shirt too with the pearly collar :-)


  12. U write amazing. N the phrase 'they simply know' is sooo true. N again u rock. I notice u dont wear garish makeup also with ur outfits which I adore.

  13. rocking that suit so well x

  14. I don't think I have liked animal prints before this year. It's tricky to pull off so much prints, but you work it!


  15. love love love the suit , incredible !!


  16. Hi Rupa, you look powerful in the animal print suit. Really love the way you wear it. I love animal prints too, just don't wear them as much. But I am definitely gonna try more of them in future.

  17. i adore this Leopard print
    so eyecatchy <3

    btw. do you want to follow each other?!
    follow me and I'll follow back
    if you want to

    Keep up your great Posts
    Amely Rose from:

  18. you look great! amazing suit! :)

  19. I've also read and liked that Cavalli's interview! Fabulous suit...animal print looks great on you!

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  21. You look pretty well in such outfit. Such style suits you the best. though I am from Ethnic wear background, I am big fan of such style statement.

  22. It looks so absolutely pretty cool!



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