Friday, May 23, 2014


"Our clothes are too much a part of ourselves for us ever to be entirely indifferent to their condition; the feeling of being perfectly dressed imparts a buoyant confidence to the wearer, and it impresses the beholder as though the fabric were indeed a natural extension of the man. … So strong is the impulse of sartorial morality that it is difficult in praising clothes not to use such adjectives as “right,” “good,” “correct,” “unimpeachable,” or “faultless,” which belong properly to the discussion of conduct, while in discussing moral shortcomings we tend very naturally to fall into the language of dress and speak of a person’s behavior as being shabby, shoddy, threadbare, down at heel, botched, or slipshod."

As I read Quentin Bell's lines depicting the importance that was levied upon clothing and sartorial choices, I think less about him, more about his aunt, Virginia Woolf.

My friend recently gifted me a book that sums up most of Woolf's published work. A feminist icon, a Bloomsbury snob, a difficult person, an extraordinary woman who killed herself, a writer who brought a revolution that defined an era, a lot has been said about her.

But I have seen very few people talking about her being a sartorial figure during the Victorian era. She and her sister Vanessa Bell were actually instrumental in bringing the bohemian way of dressing into consideration if not norms.

Today, the term bohemian chic is more common. I have always thought that bohemian style is something that speaks volumes about a person. I think it is a style that does not stem from nothing. There always seems to be a story, or a place or a free spirit behind it.

What do you think?


  1. A free spirit it is, Rupa - a spirit that soars above the mundane.. :)

  2. U such an inspirational fashionista. I learn so much frm ur blog posts. Thnks for that.


  3. I like the bohemia touch of your outfit, especially the pretty details at your pants. Have a great weekende.

  4. The bohemian spirit is the most stylish of them all! ;)

  5. Great look,so beautiful
    Great post
    Keep intouch

  6. I really like the polka dot blouse you are wearing Rupa! :) I think that polka dots look so cute on you! :)
    + the belt you are wearing ( or is a part of pants?) is super pretty! :)

  7. I love the way you describe the outfits . This one and the one about brogues were too good !

  8. lovely shirt
    check my new post

  9. There is alwYs a story. .sometimes cultural influences..smtimes suppression of freedom of individuals which culminates into clothing ...yes...but its always cathartic to dress as u want

  10. Love your top!

    Free spirit is the word very well describes bohem styles :)


  11. lovely polka dots top


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