Thursday, July 24, 2014

Giggles Contest: Win Some Accessories!

What is coffee without some cream? Or a cake without an icing? Well, most of us know the difference. When we dress up, we often do not pay enough attention to a few things, accessories for example. Aren't they the icing on the cake?

These are the lines from one of the initial posts I had written for the blog. I still believe accessories add so much to an outfit. I had never really explored online shopping for accessories though.  So when I got these pretty neckpieces from Giggles, it was a new experience for me. The items were well packed and the neckpieces looked exactly how they looked on the website. 

Also, if you go through Giggles’ website, you would realize how affordable their products are.  And they can be yours now! Just participate in this simple contest and you stand a chance to win Giggles voucher worth Rs 1000. All you have to do is:

1. Like Giggles’ Facebook page.
2. Like Jenny’s Bicycle’s Facebook page.
3. Let us know in the comments section about 2 accessories that you liked the most on Giggles’ website and why.

Explore GigglesThe results would be announced next Thursday! 

Contest open for Indian residents only.


  1. A very pretty necklace and the shop sounds interesting.
    Your look beautiful with your red lips. Have a nice weekend

  2. Oooh! Giggles looks like such a nice website with a great selection of fun accessories!
    I'm loving almost all the pieces, but the Candy Colored Triangle Chains (which I see we both like!) and the Flowery Leather Bracelets are my fav picks because of their casual chic and versatility! I can already think of quite a few ways of wearing them!! :D
    The yellow triangles necklace will look fab with my green & blue striped maxi dress and yellow sandals! While the flower bracelet will spruce up a casual rolled up jeans and tee look!

    Following both of you on FB!

    Fingers crossed!


  3. Hi,

    1) Liked the pages.
    2) Such pretty accessories Giggles has to offer and that to at reasonable prices, so why not have it ALL. ;) (Seems like my Greedy mode is ON now)

    Anyway, now that I have to pick two, I'd say-
    a) The Trichormatic Pendant and Chain ( It is one which I really liked. It's bright and can be worn with anything from shorts to a dress to add to the fashion quotient. Since I strictly believe in one-accessory-at-a-time, for me it is just perfect to light up the outfit.

    b) I really liked th Stoned Heart Bangle (
    It is simple. Feminine. And can be won with a western to a Indian outfit. Also because the little heart is toooo cute for my liking. =)

  4. Rupa you are so pretty, love the look with the aviators, cool girl! And I am happy to see you still wearing this gorgeous lipstick color. It's made for you. Lovely jewelry. So good luck to everyone.

  5. Wow!! you look so pretty <3333333333333 Lovely jewellery :)

  6. So beautiful. xoxo

  7. Cutee items! I agree with you, accessories, no matter how small, can complete an outfit ;)

    - Che

  8. these accessories are so pretty !

  9. Rupa, I visited the website and my love for earrings (which got suppressed during these days) has started blooming again. I loved the blue earrings, and two little birds pair of earrings. I am going to place order for them if I am not winning them.

  10. Hi

    I like your post and all the accessories that you are sporting in this post. They are all so chic!

    Giggles is such an awesome website for accessories. I can't even imagine such innovative designs that Giggles has come up with! I love all their designs and want to pick up every single piece! Picking up two was a difficult task but after much ado, two of the pieces that I like the most are:

    1. Double Circle Pendant with Chain ( as it looks like an infinite circle to me which very much sums up the essence of life to me. Ever going and yet passing by with each moment having multi-valued attributes.

    2. "D" for Dazzling earrings ( as I fondly call my husband as 'D' as his name is Daipayan and what best could it be than wearing earrings with his initials. You see, I love wearing my love on my sleeve(Ears here :P)

    Hoping to win.
    Keeping fingers crossed!


  11. Lovely accessories from Giggles. It is quite difficult to mention just two favourites, but here goes:

    I loved the Half Loop Earring ( They are so simple, yet so elegant - sure to go with all kinds of attires and make them look good.

    Another beauty is the Vintage Flowery Long Chain ( It is not a run of the mill chain with a pendant and each pendant used in it looks like a piece of vintage art.

    Some other favourites are the Amber Retro Long Chain, Bohemian Dress Dangles, Butterfly Half Circle Wreath, Textured Antique Gold Chain and many more!

  12. Hey Rupa,
    Liked the FB pages.
    This is such a cool site...m surprised how reasonably priced it is. I loved the Black and White Geometric Square necklace, swan earrings and the snake studs in silver.
    The necklace is so versatile n i can already visualize myself wearing it on all my dresses.
    n the earrings r just too cute, i love them too much...very creative n very trendy.


  13. thnx fr invite dear Rupa. Before i proceed to enter the giveaway, I wud like to tell u that i'm absolutely admiring the name of the blog and the story behind <3

    Giggles has cute girly collection of accessories to flaunt and that too at amazingly affordable prices.
    I loved the hexagonal bangles for the color tone of its metal, unusual shape and obviously for its glittering line of stones ... can definitely expect a second look when worn around my wrist ;)
    Very decent eye-catching look indeed.

    Another product i loved is the one i cud notice in the giveaway post itself :) Its these beautiful
    candy circle pendants in adorable colors. I generally like minimal accessories in routine so this pendant is the kind which won't take a place in my jewelery box to sit back there, but i wud be able to flaunt it without any occassion with any type of outfits.

    Done all steps. Wish to be lucky :)

    I've a giveaway running on my blog too, if u feel like participating

    Shilpa Bindlish

  14. U look fantastic. ..where were u?

  15. such beautiful necklaces! i love your style.

  16. Hey Rupa,
    I had liked the giggles FB page long back and now I have liked Jenny's bicycle too(hoping that this page wud excite me the same way as the other one!!!)
    And now abt the 2 pieces which I wud choose from giggles:
    1.. I wud go for the star bracelet..I'm crazy abt bracelets and bangles and hence I always start surfing from this section when I'm out shopping..And as for the star bracelet, I feel its cute, simple and chic at the same time..Perfect for daily wear!! I'm sure that it wud look nice on my hands...:)
    2... I am equally interested to grab the candy circle pendants with long chains.. I feel that I can shift my outfit to a "wow level" if I have a matching pendant and chain from their loot..It adds a pop of colour and it is elegant at the same time...I wish I had a whole collection of those pendants and chains so that I can wear a different one with each of my outfits :)

    Anju (,

  17. I loved the Giggles collection. SO much stuff i liked. Was quite difficult to chose just two here.
    1- Well i have spent most of my childhood in a country covered with snow, so this was something obvious that i would love. "snowflakes earrings" , i did not even know these type of earrings existed. Really lovely.

    2.I have been looking for a hair accessory since quite some time but did not find anything big enough for my head. And this would certainly cover my big head in a beautiful metallic way.


  18. hola, you'll pretty, I like tu outfit

  19. Hi Rupa,

    I just entered the giveaway. Thanks for your invite <3

    My facebook Name - Iswarya Laxmi
    Email -

    I love these accessories from Giggles :

    1) - I love the geometric shape of the earrings and it is very colourful. The colour combination of white, pink and lavender makes it very attractive. These designs are the latest in trend and of course funky and cute. I love these danglers.

    Fingers crossed and done all steps !!

    2) - I love this statement yellow earrings from Giggles coz it is a bright shade and definitely eye catching from a long distance itself. It looks like neon with the bright yellow and lime green. It goes well with western as well as traditional dresses with complementary colours.

    I am a dangler earrings girl and thats why I have chosen two earrings as my favourite. I love that the pieces are affordable.


  20. I have like both the facebook pages. And love the collection at Giggles. They are priced perfect! :)

    I love the retro peral and stone earrings ( They are simply gorgeous and would go with both dresses and jeans/trousers. I love pieces which can be worn with different types of outfits.

    The second item I loved was the black and white geometric square necklace ( Its very different from any necklace I have seen .. generally such necklaces feature triangles and not squares. Again this is a piece that can be worn with formals, casuals or dressy outfits and will stand out well. Very eye catching!

    Hope I win. Fingers crossed :)

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  22. Its a cute little website I must say. With nice jewellery. I love that Brassy Umbrella Chain ( because something about it reminds me of childhood. There is a coloured owl chain ( as well which is very pretty.

  23. Molto belli questi gioielli, adoro il gufo!

  24. Anche le foto sono ben fatte.


  25. amazing items :)
    big kiss!



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