Friday, July 4, 2014

Pretty Evenings

Most writers write in mornings. Even the ones with the weirdest of routines and the worst of deadlines swear by the influence of mornings on their prose and poetry.

A few nights back I was watching this random Jennifer Lawrence movie in which her friend tells her that the place they live in is very quiet early morning. When Lawrence asks what does he do so early, he says, "I write stuff. In the morning, it feels like everything is new. Everyone is sleeping. It is like the best ideas are not taken yet."

Morning is indeed the time to write. But for me, evenings are prettier. The beauty of dusk, wrapped in greys and nostalgia is something I look forward to during the weekends. Yes, office life has robbed us off our evenings.

There is this one moment when it is almost dark but not quite and though you can see the lights in the city, near and far if you are on a rooftop or a mountain, you cannot hear the lights singing in your ears till its almost dark. That moment of transition from evening to night feels like a time of happiness for me.

More on mornings and evenings some other day...You guys have a great weekend!

Details: Tee: Van Heusen, Shorts: Done By None, Boots: Forever 21


  1. Impressive neck-piece Rupa!
    Though I love the silence and freshness of the mornings, I do agree that the evenings have their own charm and you can reflect upon the whole day. Sunsets are one of nature's most beautiful events and the array of vibrant colors that is created on the sky is a treat to the eyes.

  2. great photos, dear! i love your boots!

    love, Yulia

  3. Hi rupa..I always associate mornings with getting stuff done...its action time for me...since many years...evenings n that is weekends I mean ..are when I m who I m...I get to dream...lust...plan..revel in my pain my longings...nostalgia n reflectionn..phew.....did I say 2 mch? Btw what place is that..I see faint fig covered mountains there. ..u look gr8 n I love ur tee...blends well with the mood n surroundings

  4. I love each word...each piece woven in honey....
    N finally awe the dress, the necklace, the boots...!!


  5. Fantastic post again.
    I have heard about the biggest n best writers writing during Brahm Mahurat, n i so wanna try it once. But till now, i can only manage snoring at Brahm mahurat. ;)


  6. Hi darling!
    great photos!
    Please check out my newest post on my blog!


  7. Hey
    you have a great blog , would you like follow each other !
    keep in touch

  8. Beautifully written! Love the tee and the boots. Nice casual look :)
    Please could you vote for me in the Kama Blogger contest? Thanks!

  9. I also like the early morning time so much. Everything is sleeping, even the big city is silence. Just the bird singing. This is the time, i like to jog in the forest. Great pictures of you, especially the last one.

  10. Nice boots!!


  11. Hi Rupa the last pic of you is my favorite. Love the lace shorts, chic and cute. You look great honey. I am with you Rupa I love it when the day turns into night, it's somehow magical, not just because of the sunset, but because of everything, the lights, the grayness that covers everything up like a big duvet, that sort of thing. Thx honey for your sweet words that was so nice of you. I am much better now and back for good. Still a bit aching still on sick leave until the end of week.
    kisses darling

  12. Love your boots Rupa !!!


  13. I write mostly after midnight....unearthly hours when world is asleep and everything is quiet!! and I feel that am all alone!!

    Liking the casual look... :)

    And I love St. John in the wilderness....visited it in 2009.


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