Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Monochrome Trend

Black and white: colours that define extremes and yet talk to each other like old friends. 

Long back when I was little, like really little, my sister and I were sent to a photo studio to get a picture clicked. I guess that picture is the only proof I was a child once.

Anyway, so I have been told that there were two vases in the studio and both of us had to hold one vase to pose (Let's not even go into finding the reason why, I will talk about the stupid yet passionate sentiments of our small town photo studio guys some other day.) At that time, I fought like some crazy child to hold the white vase. I would simply not touch the black one.

I guess many children have less or almost no affinity towards black. As I grew up, I started appreciating black, but more than that, I loved how black and white looked together. At times, it was on the face, at other times it was sweet. There was a day when I wore a black tiered skirt and white blouse and white shoes and felt like some princess and then there were days when I looked like a little waiter.

I love black and white pictures. They add layers to a photo. Coming to monochrome trend, well it is here to stay. Have you tried it yet?


  1. My work outfits are all black and white - they are our corporate colours for the office.
    White blouses and black skirts (knee length) or black trousers

  2. Amazing monochome look, so pretty !!!!!


  3. Love the skirt !

  4. I love this write up! Even more than the photos ;)

  5. I love black and white paired together :) Great outfit!

  6. I love black and white :)

    I have a lot of collection in black & white and love pairing them with a pinch of bright color.

    You look great and I'm so looking for a skirt like this!

    Ahoy September

  7. Really pretty. love that skirt. :)
    And I know why you were asked to hold the vases ;-) It was the same everywhere :D

  8. I really loved the story behind this outfit post! Hehe, I would love to see those pictures of you holding a vase, which is definitely a weird item to hold if you are a child! :D
    I remember that when I was a child, like most girls I loved wearing birght and girly colors and I associated black color with funerals!
    Anyways, you look so chic in this monochrome look- I really like how effortless the blouse looks together with the maxi skirt!

  9. Loving the look! Right up my alley. Just need to find these pieces somewhere in the closet! :)

  10. I love ur style...!
    The way u dress..the way u smile..the way u emote, the way u express...everything.
    Hope all's ok with u.



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