Thursday, March 19, 2015

Trench Coat And Nothing

At times I wake up on a Sunday evening, wear a trench coat over my sleeping shorts and go buy some street food, all alone. If the weather permits, I may even wear a trench and pack nothing much for a small road trip.

My friend and I were once discussing ways to wear a trench the other day. I personally like wearing a trench over dresses and skirts. She liked to wear a trench with her jeans and cropped top. 

A cropped top, denim short and white keds go well with trench as well.

Though I have to admit, that I think, that nothing beats the beauty of a trench when worn over nothing or something so short that it is better than nothing.

So how do you like your trench? 


  1. cool. This is how i liekto wear a trench..just the way u wear it.


  2. I totally agree!! A trench looks best when worn with nothing at all! Or maybe just with a pair of sheer silk stockings & heels/boots!

  3. this looks so classy! Very English... wow :-)


  4. It is really looking good with your shorts. Never thought of wearing a trench with nothing else. But sure looks good!

  5. This looks so lovely and it is a very classy colour. I think that trench coats look amazing when styled in so many different ways and that's one of the benefits of them. I do agree that wearing it with a very short dress is one of the best looks- it definitely makes a feature out of the coat.

  6. I love your trench coat !
    You look so nice !

    Katerina from


  7. I desperately need a trench in my closet, it's on my spring wish list :) I think it can work well with dress/ skirts and jeans. It looks perfectly styled here with the heeled boots :)


  8. Amazing pics it`s inspiration for me!!! you are very stylish

  9. Beautiful look <3 Love the trench coat!

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  12. Smoking hot! You look fab in all the pics.

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