Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hair Woes

I love how French women style their hair. Or should I say not style their hair? The way they wear a lovely dress and go about their business in a long, really messy but great looking hair. The lack of shampoo somehow seems to help.

And yes, they never blow dry their hair. There is nothing perfect about their hair. Its just imperfect loveliness. The long, fuzzy, out of bed hair adds a lot to how they look. At times I make notes, no dye, no highlights, no chopping unless it is a real bob and no shampoo. 

I envy them, because I have oily hair that look terrible after a day of washing. If I shampoo them today, this is how they would look the next day. No option but to tie them up.

What do you do with your hair on the non shampoo days?


  1. Oh!! Don't ask me about hair woes!
    I have got such frizzy hair that it mostly blows up to gigantic proportions if I try to live it open~! :(

    On non-shampoo days, I try to tame it with frizz-free serums.

    P.S.: Cute top! But thw background wall takes the cake! Where is this?

  2. your top and the bag so amazing
    You look awesome
    So chic

  3. beautiful hair falling on their face or messy buns.. love it. I too have oily hair :(

    You look stunning :)


  4. I do tie my hair in a high bun, those non-shampoo days. Anyway, I loved this pairing with those Brogues. I have to get me one soon.
    Style.. A Pastiche! – Diwali OOTD -

  5. My hair ir very prissy - they get oily veeeery fast and I have to wash them every second day! Thank God for the invention of a dry shampoo as now I can survive without looking like a big grease ball three days! Therefore, girl, I hear ya'! :)

    You have such a cute smile! :)

  6. To tell u frankly...I love everything French.
    On days i dont shampoo i tie my hair too. Lovely post as always.


  7. I have horribly oily hair too! I feel your pain. :S
    Love your top in this post!
    Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.

  8. Looking stunning...I can never imagine opening my hair just like that...even in shampoo's so dry and become so unmanageable

  9. Cute top and love your bag. :)


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