Friday, November 20, 2015

The Usual Days

At times when I travel in metro and happen to see a well dressed girl I first notice the small details; the way she has tied up her hair, a small ring, the bracelet that shines alongside her watch. 

And then I wonder, does she always look this good? Or are there days when she looks entirely different, when she did not even look into the mirror before heading out to anywhere? Are these her usual days?

And as I wonder about the usual days of well dressed girls, I realize I usually do not see a mirror before leaving home. And that's not a good habit. But that is the usual me. Trust me, I tend to change that.

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And one question, do you have days when you leave home without looking into a mirror?


  1. great look!

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  2. I never leave the house without looking at the mirror.
    Those yellow heels r my fav.


  3. I tend to look at the mirror a few times throughout the day!
    Its not really bad that you don't look at the mirror before you leave...I wish I looked at it a little less. :D
    Thanks for following...followed you have amazing style!
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  4. the top looks really nice I like the orange in it

  5. You look so amazing!


  6. Beautiful outfit. Kisses!

  7. Muy original..elegante...un beso desde Murcia...

  8. Simple and chic outfit !
    Who is not vain in today's age. A bit of vanity is a good thing

  9. Just love reading this blog of yours dear!! keep on inspiring readers and bloggers like me sweetie! stay awesome and keep on blogging ♥ ♥

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  10. I will never understand how some people are able to look effortlessly impeccable everywhere they go, and I manage to look like a crazy cat lady no matter what I wear. I envy those people who have a sense of style and are able to look "put together."
    I really, REALLY love those yellow shoes of yours!

    A Northern Light

  11. i also wonder how other girls seem to look so perfect all the time, just not fair. haha
    love this skirt on you

    xo, Carla

  12. I know what you mean - sometimes I see women who just good without much effort and it comes so naturally to them! It doesn't even look like they have tried, so effortless! I wish I could be like that, but I guess if I didn't look in the mirror before leaving I would end up looking like a trainwreck, therefore, I have a mirror right next to my door, just to be sure that I look alright! :D
    Anyways, you have created a really lovely outfit - the top and the skirt seem to fit so well together! You have a great eye for style, Rupa! :)

  13. Love that printed top of yours. Looks chic when paired with that pencil skirt.
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  14. Even without seeing the mirror, you look awesome always. Share outfit details please.

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