Friday, March 31, 2017

To Smile Or Not

So I read that if one smiles during a state of unhappiness, it uplifts the mood. Realising that I have been doing the same for a while - long before I read the article - I try to figure out if it really works.

Maybe it does work for some people. A smile, no matter how dimmed or feeble, does impact how people react around you. And maybe, sooner or later you start believing what's around (a state of normalcy) has seeped into what's inside. 

I hate pretending to be happy. More often than not, I feel I am doing it for others. So much effort to please others??? Maybe, at times. At other times, I smile for no reason at all. Whatever it is, it somehow doesn't feel right. 

And no, I am not Victoria Beckham. The way she doesn't smile, I do find it unsettling. But smiling even when one is surrounded by idiots or during any other loathsome situation, it creeps me a little. Maybe, time and age will teach me how to smile and be content, no matter what. Till then, I would just break a vase in my head and listen to Pink.

What do you think? Does smiling during adverse circumstances work for you? 

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  1. I say you should smile, because smiling, even a forced one, releases endorphins which is triggered by moving muscles in our face. So smile as much as you can! :)
    I have a habit - whenever I see myself in the mirror, I smile. I read that it not only releases endorphins, but also makes you feel more confident, happy with yourself and your appearance.

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  3. Nice post ! I used to smile all the time but now I dont care anymore : D

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    Stay Gold

  4. A smile is the shortest way the the heart. Have a nice weekend.

  5. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't

    I strongly believe that smiling helps because it reminds me that there is more in life than that current not so nice situation.
    But on the other hand, there should be persons with who we can erase our smile. Being able to tell what's on our mind, is good and more than that: necessary.

    Have a great weekend,
    Kisses, Celien | The Losing Struggle

  6. It's important smiling.
    I love your black dress.

  7. Wow..u look amazing. Missed reading yes smile more..if nothing else at least it makes us look prettier

  8. i like it when you said that you don't like pretending to be happy. neither do i, so when I'm sad or pissed, i really can't force a smile. anyway you look amazing! don't worry about what people say whether you smile or not, in real life or in photos, just go with how you feel!

    ps. i really appreciate all your comments on my posts! by the way, I'm only telling you this for now, it's Korea (next destination).


  9. Always smile! Love your black outfit x MS

  10. Your Post made me smile.
    I will try to smile in unpleasant situation and see what happens.
    I guess it will improve my mood anyway.
    Thanks for your inspiration.
    Best wishes

  11. que post mas bonito, pasalo bien, bonito vestido

  12. I'm absolutely transparent, if I'm not happy there's no way I can work a smile...
    Hope things go well and you smile lots!

  13. Sometimes I smile, sometimes, I don't. I think it depends actually.

  14. I think u look gorgeous...n i have always loved teh way u write.
    Vick Beckham not smiling does unsettle me a lot...i mean how difficult is it?

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