Friday, April 28, 2017

When It's All Blurry

How did your travel memories look like, a few years before you started judging every frame on its Instagram-worthiness? It looked weird, red-eyed, blurry, badly contrasted and even badly-timed.

But mostly, the memories were nothing less than perfect. 

Being a blogger, I may have the least rights to talk like this. But one can always draw a line somewhere. Ten pictures followed by staring at the real sunset for an hour. Achievable, right?

Easier said than done. For just 2 or 3 pictures for a blogpost, it may take hours. The struggle is real. One has to keep working on the pictures. And what happens if we refuse to work on pictures and call it a day? We try to edit the pictures, which is exactly what I have done here:). Hope you have a great weekend ahead.  

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  1. Such a pretty dress! You look fab!

  2. it really takes an effort, specially for the photographer!
    you look lovely,

  3. Love ur outfit..n i agree with u. My travels have changed post blogging. I spend more time on tking pictures then actually enjoying myself. :(


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  5. I am so loving the playsuit (?) you are wearing as floral print is my fave for spring and summer!
    Don't have so much pressure on yourself for taking those pictures, just lay back and enjoy the moment, you can always take pictures tomorrow. Well at least that's how I try to de-stress myself on vacations :)

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