Friday, August 31, 2012

They Mean No Nasties

Apurva Kothari and Diti Kotecha, two of the coolest entrepreneurs of India surely know how to take fashion in India to a sustainable level. Their brand called No Nasties offers well designed, different, funny (of course in a good way!)organic cotton t-shirts.
For those of you who do not know what organic cotton is, well click here to read as many organic cotton stories as you wish!

Coming back to No Nasties, well, what can I say about their t-shirts, they are just so cool! And you know what, I have always believed that cool is what cool does. Besides using organic cotton, they support various organisations like Tsunamika. At Tsunamika, nearly 480 fisherwomen from 6 villages are trained to create these little dolls called Tsunamika, made of left over fabrics which are distributed worldwide. I have a few of these pretty dolls myself. Would post some pictures later.

Also, their t shirts are couriered through ‘Mirakle Couriers’ which employs hearing impaired people. Way to go! Check out their website and their new collection.

Also, here's a special discount code just for you guys - use the code "GO JENNY GO" to get 10% off on the entire No Nasties purchase, valid till end of Sept.
Photo Courtesy: No Nasties

Friday, August 24, 2012

Colour Me Pink

Abhilasha, Varanasi
Pink, the colour of love, is the colour that is the most associated with women. It is believed to be a woman’s colour. Why am I thinking of the pink drawings on the metro station saying ‘Only for Ladies’?

Anyway, here is some almost overdose of pink for you. Try it if you are the ‘I love pink’ kinda person. If you are not, you can try accessories of a different colour. And yes, do enjoy your weekend!

Model: Abhilasha, Dress: Rangmanch, Necklace: Forever New, Shoes: Paparika, Bracelet: Varanasi
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Friday, August 17, 2012

Polka Dots

One of the best trends of the 70s that is back now is polka dots. Though there are still many people out there who would be apprehensive to get spotted (of course literally), the trend looks like it is here to stay.
Fondly called as Bobby prints by our Masterjis in India, polka dots look cool in every season. Alright, so here is a simple polka dot look that you might try. A polka dot top with a vibrant coloured belt. For me, it looks exactly what a fall winter look should be. Hope you like it.

Top: Eliza Donatein, Jeans: Pepe Jeans, Belt: Lifestyle, Shoes: Solovoga, Accessories: Archies gallery. And I am posting a picture of a young one spotting the trend! Isn't it a cute picture?

Friday, August 10, 2012

These Are Not Just Shoes

I love my red converse. So much that they are a part of me now. And it feels like an unconditional love from both sides. They get punched, kicked (and they kick back!), they get a lot more dirty than my other shoes and they still love me back.
Like many other girls on this planet, I too can dare to wear my red converse with the prettiest dresses. They always complement. Though I haven’t been very experimental here, but I will post some adventurous pictures later.

When I think of travelling the world, this pair is the first thing I will pack. I am sure you all have your beautiful memories with your converse. For me its my childhood, teenage and youth all in a shoebox. Tell me how you feel about your converse shoes.
Dress: Biba, Necklace: Varanasi, Shoes: Converse 

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Effortlessly Stylish

Aeda, South Korea
Some people have it in their system. They look effortlessly stylish, no matter what. I am sure many of you would have come across such people.
I met one such person recently and I am posting her picture. She is Aeda from South Korea. I saw the lovely lady at a mall recently and she happily posed for me. Everything, right from her dungaree, her bag, shoes to her neck piece, everything can be explained in one word: Fashion.

Did you  notice how the cross is of a perfect colour to contrast the denims? So inspirational. What do you think?And yes, do check out the sale at Tadpole Store! They have some cool stuff on discount.