Friday, November 20, 2015

The Usual Days

At times when I travel in metro and happen to see a well dressed girl I first notice the small details; the way she has tied up her hair, a small ring, the bracelet that shines alongside her watch. 

And then I wonder, does she always look this good? Or are there days when she looks entirely different, when she did not even look into the mirror before heading out to anywhere? Are these her usual days?

And as I wonder about the usual days of well dressed girls, I realize I usually do not see a mirror before leaving home. And that's not a good habit. But that is the usual me. Trust me, I tend to change that.

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And one question, do you have days when you leave home without looking into a mirror?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Hair Woes

I love how French women style their hair. Or should I say not style their hair? The way they wear a lovely dress and go about their business in a long, really messy but great looking hair. The lack of shampoo somehow seems to help.

And yes, they never blow dry their hair. There is nothing perfect about their hair. Its just imperfect loveliness. The long, fuzzy, out of bed hair adds a lot to how they look. At times I make notes, no dye, no highlights, no chopping unless it is a real bob and no shampoo. 

I envy them, because I have oily hair that look terrible after a day of washing. If I shampoo them today, this is how they would look the next day. No option but to tie them up.

What do you do with your hair on the non shampoo days?