Friday, September 27, 2013

Autumn Flowers

I Left you in the morning, 
And in the morning glow, 
You walked a way beside me 
To make me sad to go. 

Do you know me in the gloaming, 
Gaunt and dusty grey with roaming? 
Are you dumb because you know me not, 
Or dumb because you know? 

All for me? And not a question 
For the faded flowers gay 
That could take me from beside you 
For the ages of a day? 

They are yours, and be the measure 
Of their worth for you to treasure, 
The measure of the little while 
That I've been long away

-Robert Frost

Friday, September 13, 2013

Done By None

"Have you checked out the new Done by None jumpsuit," asks a colleague. Those are the new thong flats from Done By None, exclaims my friend at a girl in metro. I don't remember any other brand that sparks such instant conversations among us lately.

About Done by None, there is something about those limited edition collections. There is something about those designs that are international. There is something about the packaging and the value for money that you get.

When I discovered Done By None almost a year ago, its shoes caught my eye. I ended up writing a blog post in around 30 minutes I guess, at least that is what I remember. I have not looked back since then. 

You can buy this Done by None skirt here and those wedges here. And explore the website as there is lots more. Happy shopping!

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