Friday, December 21, 2012

Endless Ways To Squander

Up for some writing? Don't know. When I sit, my mind squanders. It goes everywhere except where it should be. No lazy quiet Saturdays or Sundays can help to bring it back. It goes to places I have yet to go. It talks to people I am yet to meet. It listens and it doesn't listen.

Mind: Something only the most powerful can conquer. Something that is untamed no matter how many meditations you do, no matter how many solitary evening you have. It wanders till it wants. And sometimes more than that. And as I try to write once again, it shows me beautiful places and I have to put my pen down and just look.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Red Jacket

Sushma, New Delhi
I have already talked about the combination of red and white and how both the colours when put together, bring out the happiness in each other. Also, a colour as bright as red always tones down the gloom of the winter. It adds a freshness to the mostly dark elements of a typical winter look. If not jackets, even a colourful accessory like a necklace or a muffler can do the magic. What do you think?

I am hoping to click more people, bring more street styles in the coming weeks. So keep visiting. And you have a great weekend. Keep it stylish :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Black

You have been the most worn colour and you have been the least taken care of colour.
About you, Henry Ford once said that “Any colour as long as it is black.” You have been there and you will always be, on the top.

Now that winters are here, you are going to be seen everywhere. And you will be always liked for making people sexy in the most minimal ways. Not only all the suits and little dresses would talk about you, you will have new admirers as well.  You will be amidst all the wardrobes,  amidst all the colours and amidst all our lives.