Friday, August 30, 2013

Blue Zone

When Anne Hathaway donned a tuxedo to present the Oscars, there were mixed reactions. Some found her refreshingly different, and some were just busy laughing at James Franco in drag. I, on the other hand knew exactly what I was doing: being in awe of her.

Though I admire it on others, I have hardly been into the typical girly fashion. And when I try to do that, I know I am just trying to experiment and it wont last forever. I like other girls and at times even myself in something that is out and out pink and red and pearls.

But I keep falling back into a zone. Let me call it a blue zone. In that zone, I wear more shorts than skirts, more pants than dresses and even if there are lots of dresses, there is something that keeps a tab on the frills of ultra feminine-ness.

So they use the term 'lady-like' as a compliment. But I wonder what do they say for style that is a bit or more manned up.

You guys have a great weekend ahead!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Active Head On A Lazy Day

Its a lazy Friday for me. Totally lazy. And I cannot get enough of online shopping. I try to stay away. But I am a weak soul filled with strong sartorial desires. I am sure I have many secret and open co-desirers.

Was eyeing this Nehru Collar (or Mandarin collar or Chinese collar, whatever you like to call it) dress for long. I find this collar very interesting. According to Wikipedia, the style originated from Western interpretation of dresses worn by Mandarins in Imperial China, especially in Qing Dynasty, as part of the traditional garment of Manchu. 

Bought it on They have a really great collection. This dress might be out of stock I guess. But do have a look at this, this, this and this! What do you think? I so want the blue maxi dress.

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P.S. Cannot get a certain Scott Schuman's picture out of my head right now, a picture in which he is wearing a Mandarin collar shirt! Totally lovable. Such an eye candy!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Being Myself

When I used to hear statements like 'I had so much fun with that dress' I really didn't know what people meant by that. Till I wore my favorite t shirt with shorts. Its a bliss to be dressed in something you are comfortable in. Something that does not make you feel like you are some body else.

I feel blessed in shorts, as if they were sent from heaven as some sort answers to my some sort of prayers. And they do keep reminding me of the extra kilos I need to lose. But the happiness is untouched, intact, complete.

So what are you most comfortable in? Share your answers in the comments section below. Have a great weekend and yes, do like my Facebook page if you have not :)
And yes, these are Done by None shorts! Do have a look at their collection!

Friday, August 9, 2013

That Long Skirt

They say a skirt's lengths has a lot to do with economy; that longer skirts meant poor economy as during historic days, women wore long skirts to hide their cheap stockings or lack of stockings. Hemlines were long in 1929 and during the successive years when we had the Great Depression.

However, there are others who outrightly dismiss the theory. Some say that economists start talking about this theory once the market stops making any sense! There was this recent article that said that women are wearing short skirts to feel better even if the economy hurt. 

So, do long skirts mean bad times? With so many styles of skirts everywhere, I don't know if the helmline theory still holds true, but long skirts are back. They really are. And they look so nice even if they are paired with a simple tee, accessorized or unaccessorized.    

When I saw this Fab India skirt for the first time, I bought it in 2 minutes I guess, without even trying it! Fab India has some amazing stuff for everyone. Love the timeless look of their clothes. I have heard they have this skirt in more colours these days. I am longing for some grey or brown now :)

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Not So Loved

I have this problem with my memory. At times I remember the faintest detail of my childhood days or that smell of a particular perfume that I have not smelt in decades or the taste of a particular dish my distant uncle prepared when I was seven! And then I see myself not remembering the seemingly most important stuff or the recent stuff. As if it was wiped clean, twice to make sure nothing remained. 

But I hardly forget a beautiful dress. I once saw Alexa Chung in a red dress in a magazine and though I had seen many models in a red dress, there was something about it. Or maybe there is something about Alexa Chung herself, her style which is chic, casual and yet lady like.

Her book 'It' is being released this September. It is not an autobiography but something that would have a bit of everything about her; her childhood, her drawings, photographs, notes etc. You can pre-order it on Amazon.
Coming back to a red dress, well red is a colour I hated as a child. I still have less of it. I still would take some time to love it. Made this dress recently. Red it is! Hope you enjoy reading the posts. And have you liked my Facebook page yet? 

Also, the shoes I am wearing are from Done by None. They have this irresistible collection of shoes! If you wanna buy something similar to what I am wearing in this post, click here.