Friday, July 26, 2013

Downtown Students

 Last night I was thinking about those days when I sat at my college gate watching girls come and go. It was a girls college, yeah I know that does not sound great, but it was pretty awesome actually. I mostly sat there to kill time which my friends and I had in plenty. 

As I sat there I could see girls in all kinds of clothes. Girls in traditional Indian salwaar kameez,  in jeans, in track pants, in skirts...But overall it was a simple affair. Simple and yet versatile and colourful. 

There was plenty of supply of tees and skirts from a small but good shop near our university. I think it was called La Paradise. I wonder if it the shop is still there.

Someone recently told me that things are bit different now. Well, I would like to see how different they are, but I have no plans to travel to Benaras soon so it will take some time. Till then, I am posting a few pictures that I took at my hometown last week. 

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Friday, July 12, 2013

From Friends, With Love

How do you feel when you receive an unexpected or even an expected gift from a friend? I am sticking to friends here, exclusively friends. I still remember the joy I felt when my friends gave me something really priceless during my first year in college. Most of it was handmade and hence exclusive and rare. 

As we grow up, we call each other on birthdays and anniversaries and we buy presents mostly when we are invited to a party.

Well, we did not do this a few years back. When I sit alone and think of the closest friends I ever had, I feel like sending them a present. And then I procrastinate thinking its not  their birthday yet. And it never happens.

What I am trying to say here is that, do we need an occasion to send something special to our friends? Not really. There are things we always come across that remind us of someone special. Let us buy that for him or her then. That book on the 3rd rack, that painting, that t-shirt that  made someone a hot property in college, it can be anything.... 

 Not so long ago, I used to complain to God about how I have been receiving less gifts once I grew up. Till I was surrounded with really kind and great friends. What I am wearing in today's post is mostly gifted. Achala and Juree gave the blouse and Neha gave the shorts. What leaves me amazed is the love that comes with these gifts.

Not so long ago, I also used to think that shorts were good as long as they were short enough. That they should be of a certain length and design and that they should be worn with casual tops etc. Not anymore. With Done by None's collection of super cool high waisted shorts, I have come to terms with many new designs and new ways of wearing shorts.

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Friday, July 5, 2013


 A newfound love for pastels tries to talk me into buying everything that looks remotely like an ice cream. Though teaming them with the right colour has always been tricky for me, but on a second thought, what are whites, nudes, other pastel colours and greys for? To be pastels' best buddies of course!

Pastel colours have something very fresh, morning like, dreamy thing that is hard to resist. What do you think?  And please like my Facebook page or follow me on Bloglovin as I have heard that Google reader will be gone soon. Take Care and have a wonderful weekend. And yes, make the most of this sale season! Also, you can buy this shirt on They have it in more colours :)