Sunday, July 29, 2018


Flowers lie pale
As I wait for them to die
And become something else
Anything but flowers

While you call me from a distance
A bird flies with all its might
This ain't home, she knows
And flies for her life

The lights go dim
As your eyes look for me
This ain't the moor we held hands at
Anything but a dream.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

The Importance of Having A Good Tailor

"Wherever you go, you would need a good tailor. Or else you won't feel like home," my cousin used to say.

She was right in so many ways. If we discovered a good tailor, we would roam around the city like a bunch of happy monkeys, in packs, full of purpose. We knew who needed what and when and how much. The shopping for the so called dress material made us understand the city so better, and before we knew it, we were already started to feel a sense of belonging. 

Whenever we had a good tailor, we would also know how to convert mother's old sarees into a dress, or alter an old, frumpy maxi into a short, edgy mini. Since our wardrobes were constantly evolving, we would go out more, just because we had new clothes.

And every time I have to go to my hometown, it's never done till a visit to a tailor is ticked off the list. It is almost a ritual. To those who don't understand,"Well there is stuff only a good, trusted tailor can do."

I have been to many cities in my country and I know for a fact that finding a good tailor is easier said than done. This dress, for example is a byproduct of five not so lovely interactions with a tailor I am yet to understand.

Do you also think the struggle to find a good tailor is real? 

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