Friday, June 21, 2013

Fabulous Ina

When I saw Ina for the first time in my previous office my eyes were stuck at her beautiful naturally crippled hair.  And I don’t know how it happened she was the first one who talked to me there. It was almost like those childhood days when you feel that special bonding with the first girl or boy who talked to you in your new school. 

Then we became friends and soon I knew that Ina was one of the best dressed people I had seen. She wouldn't try too hard. She is most comfortable in a pair of jeans and tees. Yet she would add something to a simple look that would make it different.

She paints. She dresses up and sometimes down, only to look her best. Her favorite brand is Promod and she hates curls for being so unmanageable. But curls or no curls, Ina is one of those who would carry off any look with an unmatched elegance.  

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words. This is one of Ina’s pictures that speak volumes of her confidence, her minimalist style, her love for perfect shades and that diva like aura she has.  

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Friday, June 14, 2013

The Trendsetters

When it comes to style, the sources of inspirations can be infinite. Fashion shows, movies, beauty magazines, television shows, the recent award functions etc. One of the best source however is of course the people around us. 

People. There are are many of them. And there are so many of them who are stylish in their own ways. They break rules. They make some new ones. They just wear what they have to wear and they look gorgeous inspiring everyone around them. They are the trendsetters.

Today's post is all about such trendsetters. People who have inspired me in so many ways. These people are the ones with an impeccable sense of style, people who know fashion.

Mrs Pasang Gogoi and Reeju Gogoi, Kolkata
Reeju carries bright colours as good as the pastel ones. And somehow she surprises me with every new outfit she adorns. Mrs. Gogoi is one of those lovely aunts one would love to flaunt. I am yet to see someone who did so much justice to the combination of yellow and pink. So amazing!

Ankita Chandra, Mumbai
For all those in Mumbai, when was the last time you visited a really hot dentist? Well, here is Ankita for you: A dentist, a fashionista, an avid shopper, someone who lives life to the hilt, a girl with amazing hair, a dynamic person who always keeps it stylish.

Juree Gogoi, Gurgaon
The sea green butterfly. Do not know why this term comes to my mind for her right now. She is someone who knows exactly what she is going to wear. She has a fuss free style that embraces both the conventional and the unconventional. A hip hop music listener, a hidden art & craft person, a lover of all the shades of blue and green, Juree is one stylish Human Resource Manager!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hello Everyone...

So it has been almost a year I started this blog. Somehow it doesn't feel like yesterday. It feels like a lot has happened. It feels like that was some other world, last year. The best part was knowing so many new people, discovering new things, being in a different world and yes maintaining an online journal sort of thing.

People change. And so have I. There were days when I remembered everyone’s birthdays, never cared if they ever remember mine. And now I have this big trouble remembering birthdays. So it is no surprise that I missed Jenny’s bicycle’s birthday recently.

Coming back to change, I want a lot more things to change. I want to be more regular with the posts. I want the posts to be better. I want not to miss giving a shout to all those lovely ladies, and some gentlemen who inspire me, correct me and tell me that I have a blog they like reading. A particular gentleman hates it a bit too much when there is nothing new here on a Friday.

So here is a big thank you to everyone. To Neha for being the biggest influence here. To JapnaMili, Priyanka, Ashwini, TanujaNicoleta, Katerina, Gloria, AditiNicoleta, Tarraco…(I think I can go on and on) for inspiring me every now and then and for being there right from day one. And thank you Juree and Achala for taking pictures and doing you know what :)