Friday, May 29, 2015

Twilight And The Sea

I was born and raised in plains. For a long time, I had no idea how a mountain or sea would look like. But I remember discussing this typical conversation with my friends and sisters all the time - are you a sea or a mountain person?

I said sea because the movies made it look like a million buck serenity. It seemed like the sea would give you all answers you need, that it would help you be. 

Later I went to both mountains and sea and I realized it was the mountains that seemed more breathtaking to me.

Having said that, there is something about the sea. There is something about the vibe on a beach that makes you want to buy a house nearby and strut around in flowy dresses or your usual pair of shorts.

I have seen that no picture, no matter how great the photographer is and no poem, no matter how great the poet is, could ever encompass the total sum of what you, with your naked eyes see and feel when you are face to face with the blue endlessness. I will not dare say that the pictures are bad or the poems are less surreal. I would just say that it may not present you with the beauty, in its totality. You have to go there, to see.

To be continued....

Friday, May 22, 2015

The Overalls

Overalls are a better option as compared to denims during this summer. They are light and look nice. The only thing is, you might want to think about not wearing it when you go for a party and if you have a weak bladder :)

Nothing much to write here. These are one of those pictures I clicked when the sisters were here.

You guys have a great weekend.

Friday, May 15, 2015

The Usual Days

I believe that everyone has a style and if someone made caricatures of people without giving out much description of their faces, we still would pretty much recognize who they are.

I am not talking about how we dress on special occasions. I am talking about that something we put together in a jiffy on a usual day, about those colours and kind of clothes we are drawn towards, no matter where in world we are shopping.

Our usual days bring out our true style in a lot of ways. They select a certain colour, a certain length, a certain fabric, a certain accessory. The usual days are good because we do not have to dress up as per some occasion or person. Those are the days we can just be.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Happiness: A state we all strive to be in, that gift we get in advance, that  call we wait for, that day we let it go. It is the warmth you feel in an old friend's company, the peace you get in being courageous, the relief that tells you it was all worth it.

Happiness trumps all other emotions. It talks about your innermost fears, it makes you run to reach your home or to be with someone. It dwarfs the setbacks, it archives the heartaches. It keeps you going.

At times happiness comes to you like a wave that consumes everything or that burst of feelings you wish to store in a bottle and keep safe. At other times, happiness comes and sits beside you without making a sound, as if it is waiting for you to realize its presence on your own.

Wish you all a happy weekend. Do what makes you happy. Be with people who make you happy. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

For Lack Of Words

Okay, so last time when I posted about this long, pink skirt, I talked about Economics and Fab India. This time, as expected, I am running out of ideas for writing.

Should I write about long skirts and the way to style them? Should I write about Shilpa Shetty's well designed skirts in Fir Milenge? Should I talk about lengths of skirt and feminism?

Or should I talk about nothing and just say hello? 

You guys have a great weekend. Do like my Facebook page to get updates!