Thursday, October 29, 2015

Colour Blind

I love Kalki Koelchin. Every time I watch her movie, I love her more. She is a tigress, a quiet one. When I went to watch her play Colour Blind, I did not know what to expect. 

Watching the play was like reading about Rabindranath Tagore in a fashion where you turn a page of the book and skip some and come back to the previous one. Like you are trying to get some answers. You move between the present and the past, over and over again.

Kalki played the character of the writer of the play and Victoria Ocampo, the Argentine writer with who Tagore spent some time with and was attracted to. About her performance, what I can say is Kalki knows her onions. And there was something about the way she walked on stage. Some day I would like to tell her that in person.

Why I talked about Colour Blind, the play? Well, I wore this to the play.  

Outfit details: Shorts and blouse and shoes: Forever 21, bag: lavie, Watch: Daniel Wellington 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

They All Should Never Look The Same

A few days back, I saw my flatmate watching a TV show on TLC in which they gave makeovers to people. The difference between the before and the after was really striking. The best thing that I noticed about the show was that the stylist did not force her style on the participants. She made sure the participants were comfortable and happy with their new look. If they did not like a certain colour or do not really like a certain way of dressing, they were heard.

The whole thing made me think of how we feel free and happy when we dress up the way we want to. And I find it strange when some people think everyone in the world should dress up in a certain way. They do not even consider, even for once, that not everyone likes the same thing. I have seen this happening a lot within gangs of girls. Some of them tend to tell others how to dress up and most of the time, they all end up looking just the same! 

Some like bodycon dresses, some like shift dresses or maxi dresses or no dresses but pants or shorts. Some like their shorts to look tailored while others like them really casual or even ripped.

They all should never look the same. 

I am happy in those distressed jeans and white t shirt and my Daniel Wellington watch. Hope you have used the discount coupon rupadw while buying a watch from their collection. Checkout Daniel Wellington's website here and their Instagram account here.

Anyway, enough of my observations. You guys have a great weekend. Please like my Facebook page. And yes, I am now there on Instagram as well.

Outfit details: T-shirt: Vero Moda, Jeans: Forever 21, Sandals: Carlton London

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Precious One

In all the life that I have lived so far, I have seen people being very possessive about a few things e.g. a piece of jewelry, a box of collectibles, a family heirloom etc. I had this friend who would keep a book gifted by her mother safe in a wooden box and no one dared touch it.

In my case, that much treasured possession is my Daniel Wellington watch. I have never seen a better designed watch and there is nothing I would like to change about it. I am so possessive about it. I have given my previous watch to my sister. But no one will get this one :)

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rock Chic Meets Pearls

I have tried to add some feminine element into this one. Pearls. Pearls remind me of my friend Pooja. That girl would add pearls to anything and everything and it looks so cool. I will feature her on my blog. Soon. I have not even asked her yet. But why ask? She will be here.