Friday, February 19, 2016

And I Do It Again

Okay, I promise, with all my sincerity and a genuine irritability at my innate laziness, I won't buy any more maxi dresses. Okay, at least not this year :) There may be three more maxi dress posts this year by the way. Someone has to wear the pile that I have already bought.

On a serous note, I am sick of wearing maxi dresses again and again. But why did I start doing so in the first place? Well, firstly, I think I have gained weight. I go through those Daily Mail pages (I am sure the intellectual ones amongst us don't do that, and that I will be judged for that, but who cares!) that say Jessica Alba hides her wonderful figure in a loose maxi dress, and I say, there you go! Let me wear a maxi dress. People will think I am hiding a figure that is nothing less than divine.

And then there are warm winters and non waxing days and bad cramps days and God knows what days. And it is not about men. I don't give a rat's ass if some people have a lot of opinion about the length of a woman's dress.  

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Outfit Details: Dress: Chemistry, Jacket: Mango, Watch: Daniel Wellington, Shoes and bag: Carlton London