Friday, June 23, 2017

Dear Bangs

Dear bangs, you make me look happy. 

When I have you, I look in the mirror and I know that I have got a hairstyle that is far from boring. Suddenly, even a white t shirt and jeans look like a complete outfit. And after a week or two,  when you finally settle down,  with each and every strand of hair knowing exactly the side they need to lie on, I am the one that looks the most rested. 

Everything is good and rosy and French chic till I decide to grow you out. The same strands of hair, they hurt when I try to put them right where they belonged all their lives. And this is followed by the torture of countless hair clips that I use everyday to tame you, begging you to grow fast. 

Then I see good hairstyle ideas everywhere, on Google, fashion blogs, movies, neighbours, everywhere. But I need to wait because it ain't the time yet. 

Dear bangs, you are like a handsome man I fell in love with. Some day I will grow out of you. Till then, I will write my way into sleep.

The pictures were taken in Bombay. Shilpi and I had some time to kill. Please follow me on GFC and Facebook and Instagram if you like reading the blog.


  1. WOT??? U r in Mumbai?
    N u didnt even tell me.
    We cud have caught up.


  2. Beautiful photos! Looks great!

  3. I have not had bangs since I was twelve years old, but I am always thinking of giving them another shot, but I am wayy to scared! :D I am afraid that I will regret cutting my hair and that I'll have to wait at least a year to grow them out! :)

  4. I think the bang suits you so well girl!

  5. Your hairstyle is so cute! <3 Have a nice day!


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