Friday, July 7, 2017

Call It A Summer Jacket

I always wanted to be a sweat-free child. For me, sweating was always for bad people who had done some terrible things in their lives and were forever paying back in salt water. I still hate it. For me, even the well-deserved, post-workout perspiration is just a punishment for pissing off the Sleep Gods.

The only thing that is worse than sweating is sweating plus oily skin. Now don't go anywhere, just don't picture it and be with me here. I am just looking for digital shoulders to cry on I guess. When I have to meet people on a hot day, deodorants and face-powders consume all the space in my chic but good-for-nothing satchels. 

What I hate the most about all this is that I cannot layer - like so many fashionable people on this planet - and I cannot wear those good looking white keds with summer dresses. So when it was a little less hot on a weekend, the first thing I did was to run my scissors through a newly bought kurta and wear it over a white top, even call it a summer jacket.

How do you, good readers, manage to layer up during summers?  

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  1. Beautiful jacket!! Looking lovely !!

  2. You look sooo pretty!
    Manny kissess <3

  3. That's a nice and lovely look for the outdoors. Greetings!

  4. DEar, i love the necklace! You have a new subscriber over here ;)
    Kesha´s praying reation

  5. Such a beautiful outfit.

  6. This jacket must be good for summer time! Such a lovely colour too!

  7. You look pretty
    I think I know you

  8. Beautiful outfit dear! I love the pop of different colours in your outfit !

  9. Such a lovely look!

  10. I hate sweating too, especialy my deo doesn´t work well. I like your summer-jacket. Or is it a Blouse??
    WIth you a nice day

  11. I really like the long cardigan you are wearing! Such a cute pop of colour! <3

  12. I love your look! The "summer jacket" is so great. Love the movement in the photos too :)

  13. looking great! I hope you're doing well xx


  14. Amazing post, dear! Looks wonderful :)
    Hugs ♥
    LIANA LAURIE | My new video

  15. WOW..thats really creative of u. N u look fab...always.
    BTW Aloha in the Hawaiian language means affection, peace, compassion, and mercy. Since the middle of the 19th century, it also has come to be used as an English greeting to say goodbye and hello.[2] "Aloha" is also included in the state nickname of Hawaii, the "Aloha State".
    The outfit pics were taken in Hawaii. :)



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